Monday, June 1, 2015

Exciting News!!

hejjj kära familj och vänner (Hello dear family and friends)!!

So. I have exciting news. We have a baptism this week!! Kim has moved her baptism to this Saturday :) YAY!!!! Literally everything has fallen into place perfectly and I have been amazed watching it all come together! I was a little bit stressed (okay, a lot a bit stressed) about if she was ready for baptism earlier this week, so I was just praying up a storm... Heavenly Father is the best. He answers prayers in ways you never expect. I got to thinking about my baptism when I was 8. My knowledge then about the church was faaaarrrrr less than Kim's knowledge now. Your knowledge does not need to be perfect to be baptized! All you need is a beginning of a testimony :) And Kim has a strong one! She has grown to be one of my super good friends, and I am just so happy for her. There is a light in her that just makes me smile :) This is the first person I have taught from beginning to end, from meeting her to baptism, and it has been one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. She is so prepared!

Other than that...we got blåsted a lot. It has been the rainiest week of my life! Literally every time we go outside we come back soaking. My shoes smell like mildew. It's adorable. We helped the Proselyting Office Elders move furniture out of the Hawley's and we left looking like drowned rats. Hahah. I guess there is a reason why Sweden is so green!

With Syster Gardner on splits
We went on splits with the Gubbängen sisters this week! I took Syster Gardner up here to Uppsala. She was asking me for all of this advice about the mission and contacting and stuff...sometimes I just don't understand how time flew by and we all got so old. I still feel like no one should ask me for any advice. Haha! We had a lot of fun though :) We got caught in this giant rain storm too. I just haven't really been dry since last Monday...hahah.

And we taught a super cool family! The mom is from Sri Lanka but born in Sweden, and the dad is from Lima, Peru. We talked all about America and I felt so multi-cultural and cool. They were super positive and interested in the church. We showed them Alma 32, and they thought it was so amazing how it talked about how the poor people are usually the most humble. We were all (in our heads), "Well, like, yeah, it's the word of God, so it's usually right." ;) We loved them! They really want to come to church next week!

How missionaries roast Starbursts :)
Fun facts:
-Yesterday was Swedish Mother's Day! I got one of the plants the Primary handed out because I'm a future mother. Yay for moms!! ;)
-There were a bunch of churches that got together in the main square on Saturday and handed out free Swedish pancakes. I asked why, and one of the guys said that "it's the only good way to get the kids to talk about Jesus." Okay....what works works, I guess. But free pancakes!!
-My trainer (s/o to Syster Hill LOVE YOU) sent me the cutest package with mini Starbursts, and since we have no fire pit by our apartment building, we roasted them over a candle. You just make do with what you got ;)

Aaaannd last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shae, my favorite blonde sister!! ;) She's 18 and legal people watch out everyone!

Love you all!! Have a good week!!!
Syster Mod :)

Rainbows are the fringe benefit of all the rain.
Free Swedish pancakes!

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