Monday, June 8, 2015

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Kim on her baptism day!
Hello everyone!!!

This week was nuts and so much fun! I feel like I have been around the world and back. Haha. What else is new?

On Tuesday, we had a zone conference in Stockholm! It was awesome! We talked about magnifying your calling and I loved it. It was one of those conferences where you leave and are like "YEAH MISSIONARY WORK yeah everything yay yay contacting teaching getting spit on I LOVE IT ALL!". Haha. :) I was so pumped. We talked about how being on a mission is already a pretty high standard, but we need to raise our bars a little more and keep striving to really go the extra mile. I have really learned what the extra mile is on my mission. We meet people who do the absolute minimum of what is required of them, and then we meet members who hold the wards and branches together. I want to always be like the latter :)

Windy workovers in Sundsvall
Wednesday was a day of travel and sleepovers! We went up to Sundsvall and did workovers with the sisters there. I was with Syster Poulson, who was trained by Syster King. It is always funny to see how trainers and greenies resemble each other :) We had a lot of fun and my love for Sundsvall and Norrland was reaffirmed! It is so green and pretty now. I can't wait to go to Luleå and be shocked by the lack of snow. ;)

We came back to our area on Thursday and got ready for the baptism on Saturday! Everything went SO well! Kim was so happy. A ton of people from the ward showed up, and we had quite a few investigators there. Kim was shocked that all of the people were there to support her. I don't think I am ever going to forget watching her go under the water and come back was just the best. Becoming a missionary is the best thing I have ever done. I just feel God's love for His children more than I ever have before, and I know how special we all are to him! We asked Kim how she felt, and all she could describe was "happy". Syster King and I were happy too :)

So this week was graduation for the high schools! I remember this season from last year and I LOVE it. Kids drive around in these huge trucks and trailers and yell and scream and drink and smoke all sorts of things. It is hilarious. Syster King and I were out contacting when all of this was going on, but it gets harder when all you can hear throughout the town is music and yelling...haha. All sorts of fun. I love it!!
Graduation trucks (and tractors...)
Graduation outfits
On Sunday, we had a special multi-stake conference broadcast to Sweden. It was broadcast from Scotland, and went from the UK to Finland, across all of Northern Europe :) We got to listen to Elder Holland, and he KILLED it. I just love that guy. He talked about the Book of Mormon, and after he was done, I felt blown away. How can people not believe that book when he can talk about it like that?? I love apostles. They are the best.

Swedish fun facts:
-National Day was June 6th (Shae's birthday!!). Unfortunately, if you think Sweden is cool and you celebrate it, you are considered racist. Okay? #merica
-No one cares about dandelions here...they are EVERYWHERE in everyone's yards and everyone thinks they are pretty. Nope. They probably don't sell weed killer here because it is harmful for the environment too....Sweden will save us all. Haha :)
-This has nothing to do with Sweden but I need to brag. Syster King and I make all of our own bread now because we are poor....haha. It's way fun. We even made homemade bbq chicken pizza yesterday. #wifeus #in5to7months #butprobablylongerbecauseweareawkward

I hope you all have an awesome week!! LOVE YOU!

xoxox Erin

Thank you Elder and Syster Hawley for taking them to Pizza Hut after the baptism!
This is Sweden at 10:30 AT NIGHT!!!

Main men on a mish---Ben & Jerry
Julia is going to Tennessee for the summer :)
Julia with the Uppsala missionaries

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