Monday, June 15, 2015

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

Geocaching for FHE
Helloooooo everyone!

It has been an absolutely crazy week and I have loved every second! Transfers are next week and we are nervous that I will move, so I have been trying to soak up every single second I have in Uppsala. I just love it here!

On Tuesday I got to go on splits with my bestie Syster Harkness in Täby! She was Syster Beckstrom's greenie and she is just the cutest and hilarious and the best missionary ever. I am always so impressed when I go on splits with younger missionaries. I had no idea what I was doing for a reaaaaaaallllyyyyy long time when I was young in the mission. Haha. They all just have it down pat! It's impressive!

With Syster Harkness
We got blåsted, so we decided to swing by this member who is from Iran. This was such a cool experience for me. The member opened her door and was very distraught and emotional. She said that her parents are still in Iran and there are terrible things going on over there, and talked about how she was doubting God--"someone that is really there wouldn't let these things happen". Apparently, right before we had rang the doorbell, she had gotten off of the phone with someone in Iran and was feeling super low. She started crying at this point, while she was telling us the story, and said "Gud alltid skickar sina änglar", which means "God always sends his angels". How cool is that!!!! I think the happiest times in my mission are when I recognize that Heavenly Father is using me in helping others. Sometimes I feel dumb or not useful, but those times make me realize that if I do my part, God will lead me to those that need His message. So that was cool :)

Who knew that Erin could be such a baker?
On Wednesday, I celebrated my one year in Sweden mark!! AHHH. I haven't even touched American soil in the last year. That is so weird. Syster King bought me a vitamin water that I have been DYING to try as a treat. Haha. I love her. No one understands my obsession with sugary drinks. And Thursday was King's year mark!! YAY! We had district meeting, where Elder Held made meatza again (yes I have eaten it twice....gross..). The Borlänge elders recruited Syster King and I to try to make something called "protein bullar", aka cinnamon rolls made with protein powder. They are such meatheads. Haha! We made them and ate them with meatza...I have never been so full. I didn't eat for like...3 days after that. Haha. 

District meeting and meatza!

On Friday, we literally did swing bys all. day. I think one person was semi interested out of all the people we talked to....oh atheists. Haha. We came home exhausted though, so that was good! Saturday made us even more tired. We helped a member in the ward clean out her barn from 10 am to 5 pm. King and I got sunburned!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were incredibly happy. Haha. A member had some aloe vera she brought to church for us (yeah...they were pretty bad sunburns...) but we declined because we love the pain. ;) We were pulling stuff out of the barn that dated back to the cool. Little vintage Swedish treasures :)
Barn cleaning treasures = 1960s graduation caps

Also, I wanted to give a big shout out to my little bro Tate who turns 14 on Thursday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATE!!

Well I just love you all so much!! I hope you have a good week!

Swedish Fun Facts:
-Midsommar is this week!! We are going to dance around a maypole and sing songs about toads :) So fun!!
-We are going to Luleå this week!! YAY!!!!!!!!! It's supposed to be in the 50s up there right now. Happy summer ;)

Love, Syster Mod :)

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