Monday, June 22, 2015

Luuuuuuuuund :)

Mod & King wearing their Midsommar flower crowns
HELLOOOOO friends and fam!!

Warning: This email is going to be a freaking novel because my goodness gracious. I think we have been in Uppsala like 2/7 days this week? It's been NUTS!

So! I fulfilled my childhood dreams of becoming a wedding planner this week!! A member in the ward finally was able to get a visa for his girlfriend in the Philippines, so she came over to Sweden last month and they got married on Saturday. She doesn't have a ton of friends or any family here, so we volunteered to help out with the wedding. May I just say that I will never get married ever?? Haha the work! The drama! It's all too much!! ;) It was a lot of fun though. We turned the church into a reception over night and set up flowers and decorated...and helped with her hair and makeup and the food and cake....yeah. I was tired. But everything went super well!!

In the middle of the week, we got to go on workovers to Luleå!! I swear, that place is the promised land. I LOVE it. I was with Syster Savage, who took my place when I left Luleå. We got to go see the new church (they don't have to meet in the school anymore! Yay!) and visit with my two favorite families, the Wirtalas and the Newells :) We also met with Henrik, who I worked with a ton when I was up there! I was SO happy. Luleå is so beautiful--completely green and amazing. Nothing has ice...I didn't even recognize it. It could not have been a more perfect day! That was probably the last time I will be in Luleå for the rest of my mission, and I am going to miss it so much. I love that place!
Look! Luleå with no ice or snow!

We came home just in time to go down to Stockholm for Midsommar!! We were at a place called Tyresta By with a bunch of other missionaries and members. It downpoured the whole day, but it was beautiful and fun :) Syster King and I made flower crowns and danced and it was a blast! After the big celebration, our zone and a couple other zones all met up at the Gubbängen chapel and had missionary olympics. Haha it sounds so lame but it was the funnest thing ever! I love hanging out with mah frenz ;) We got to sleep over with the Gubbängen sisters that night too on a whim! It was so fun.

Then transfer calls came on Saturday!! I am going to LUND with my bestie Syster Beckstrom!!!!! I literally could not be more excited or feel more blessed. Lund is in southern Sweden, right next to Malmö, and it is supposed to be just amazing. Syster Beckstrom and I will be STLs down there too, so I will still get to see a lot of the country and meet a lot more sisters :) And Beckstrom is just one of my best friends!! I am so excited!
But, as excited as I am, I am so devastated to be leaving Syster King and Uppsala....I have absolutely loved my time here. I LOVE UPPSALA! And most of all I love Syster King :) I have seriously had the most amazing companions. I will still get to see her at MLC so life is good, but really. She's the best best best!! I'm glad she will be in charge of Uppsala now :)

Erin & Syster Maxwell
And finally, Sunday! Syster Maxwell is here in Sweden and came to visit!! I WAS SO HAPPY!! She is the best also. I gave my little goodbye testimony, and Kim was confirmed!! YAY! She was so happy. I'm so glad it finally happened! Maxwell was so happy she was able to see it :) It was just a good day!

So yeah!! Did I miss anything? Haha. I am super excited for all the adventures that are ahead of me right now. Here we go to Lund!!! :)

I love you all!! Special shout out to my daddy for turning 25 (again) this week ;) And happy late Father's Day!! LOVE YOU!

xoxox Syster Mod

Midsommar Celebration:

Missionary Olympics:

Syster King & Syster Mod, the Wedding Planners:

Sunset: 12:06 a.m. Sunrise 12:59 a.m. Nearly 24 hour sun!

In the newly finished Luleå church

Picture taken at 10:30 p.m. (Not a typo)
Last time at the Luleå airport as a missionary :'(
Eating delicious Sri Lankan food made by an investigator:
You eat Sri Lankan food with your hands

Cute Kim with Syster Mod

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