Monday, June 29, 2015

Speaking Skånish

Syster Mod in Lund. Those streets! Love them!

Let me begin by saying I LOVE MY MISSION!!!! My goodness. I made it to Lund and I am just in love!! Lund is seriously so beautiful and green and cute and European. And I am with BECKSTROM! I am obsessed. We are seriously best friends. I am just super, incredibly happy :)

This week has been such a mix of emotions. I started saying my goodbyes on Monday and Tuesday and it was so hard. I loved every single second I had in Uppsala. We got to pick up Syster Powell, Syster King's new companion, on Tuesday and have a sleepover though, and that was really fun! I adore Powell and I am leaving Uppsala in good hands :) Kim even came to the train station to see me off. It was so cute!! She gave me the BEST note I have ever received and a necklace too. I am so grateful that she is in my life! I just love that girl!

It was so hard saying goodbye to King :( She is seriously one of my best friends and I was devastated to leave her. We both may have cried. Haha! I think one of the biggest unexpected blessings I have received from my mission is life long friends. Our goal is to have a giant Sweden mission apartment when everyone gets back to Provo...Yes. I'm going to be one of those people. Haha I just love love love the people I have met here!

I made it to Lund safe and sound on Wednesday and I am so happy to be here! I just die every time I hear someone speak Swedish. There is a super funny accent here called Skånish and it sounds like people can't pronounce their r's. And they say "tion" really weird. I wish I could explain better...It's like speaking Swedish with rocks in your mouth? Hahaha I don't know. It is just so different from Norrlandska and I love it!

New companion, Syster Beckstrom
And I am with BECKSTROM! Oh. My. Goodness. We have had so many people call and text and be like, "So how is the dream companionship going? ;)". We are just so incredibly happy to be together! She is another one of my very best friends and I just love love love her. I don't think we have stopped talking since we got together. There is just so much to say!!

The Lund ward is absolutely huge!! Like 100 active people. I about died when I walked in and saw they had to use the overflow in the chapel. That has not happened pretty much my whole mission....I met so many fun people. Lund is a really big college town, so there are lots of YSAs here. I even met one who knew my cousin! Haha! It seems like everyone in the world knows a Mod. ;)

We have been meeting with a lot of people and organizing the area so far. It's been really good! We are headed up to Stockholm for a few days this week to go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and figure out things with Beckstrom's visa....It's going to be crazy. Our minds are just going insane right now with things we have to do! This is what happens in the summer :) I love it!!

Okay this email is alllllll over the sorry..but moral of the story: My life is good!!!!! Everything is great over here :) I love you all!! Hope you have a good week!!!

xoxoxox Syster Mod
Lund, Sweden. Is there anywhere in Sweden that isn't absolutely beautiful?

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