Monday, May 25, 2015

So grateful for summer!!

Sunday selfie
Hi everyone!!

We had a really, really, really good week. Like...really. I am so grateful for summer!! It starts getting warmer and people are nicer and want to meet with you all of the time. Funny how that works :)

We traveled a ton this week. On Tuesday, we were in Stockholm for zone training. The zone leaders talked about what we talked about in MLC about giving better commitments. I loved it though, because this time they compared a baptismal date to marriage. You can't really meet a person and then ask them to get married in 3 weeks, and you can't really do that with baptism either---at least you can't in Sweden. Haha! I was just thinking about BYU the whole time...oh gosh. Hahah. Sometimes, Syster King and I tell the elders who haven't been to college yet about BYU and what it's like. They think getting married in 3 weeks is awesome....#no

On Thursday, we went on workovers in Gävle! They just pulled elders out of Gävle and the sisters are in charge of the entire area now, and they are feeling a little overwhelmed. We tried to help them get things together and meet a ton of people, and it went really well! I loved getting to have a sleepover with Syster Stetler again too :) We are back to the daily grind of workovers/splits once a week for the rest of the transfer. Like...who needs sleep? ;)

"We fika'd." (A coffee break without the coffee...Mormon style)
Sunday was probably the best! Kim came to church!!! She is so adorable. Things are going sooooo incredibly well with her. She actually wants to move up her baptismal date, because one of the first missionaries that taught her is here visiting until the middle of June. She wants to get baptized so this missionary can be there to see it! I think it's awesome. And I will probably still be in Uppsala too!!! #blessings But she really is so great. We were able to have dinner at our mission leader's house with her, and she just gets the gospel. She loves it! And we love her :)

Grisel, our investigator from Mexico, came to Relief Society!! We have quite a few Spanish-speaking members in our ward, and she hit it off so well with them. One of them even exchanged numbers with her without any prompting from us! You guys, member missionary work is just the realest thing. Everyone should do it. It makes our lives as missionaries ten billion times easier. :) And we had a less active's son, who isn't a member, come by the church and we taught him! It was a super awesome day. Plus we made rolls. How can life be bad with homemade rolls?

Sooo yeah. It's been good :) Swedish fun facts!! (PS sorry I have super slacked on these....we have started emailing in the mornings here and my creative brain just doesn't work before 8 am)
-They don't have real maple syrup here (well they do, it just costs 500 billion dollars and is in the American section of the grocery store), so we use this corn syrup like stuff. Hahah. I just can't go without pancakes and French toast, ya know
-It is light outside all the time now!! YAY!!! It gets dark around 10ish now. I am so happy to finally see the sun all the time again haha #luleåPTSD
-My birthday banner is still up...haha happy 1 month of being 20? ;)

Love you guys!!!! Have a good week!!
Syster Moddddd
Two cute kids & two cute missionaries in the ward :)

A giant carnival

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