Monday, May 18, 2015

Polish Surnames Come in Handy!

The Luleå crew reunited! E. Archibald, S. Mod, E. Elinkowski

This is the first week in a while that we haven't gone on splits, and may I just say THANK HEAVENS!! I needed a recoup week :) We had a ton of fun!

On Monday, we headed down to Stockholm with the elders! Elder Lofgren needed to get souvenirs for his family before he went home, so we went and were tourists for the day. Haha I love shopping with elders.
Him: "So I was thinking about the gold bracelet for my mom.."
King and I: "We like silver better!"
Him: "So I was actually thinking about the silver bracelet for my mom..."
If you ever need shopping advice, make sure to ask the sisters. ;) Haha! But we had a lot of fun in Stockholm and were able to teach this cute Mexican lady named Grisel when we got home :)

I live here! How cool is that?
On Tuesday, we went to Mission Leadership Council! It was so fun to see some of my friends that have become zone leaders recently :) We chatted and chatted and learned about how to extend better commitments. I'm totally one of those people who asks, "Can you pray tonight?" and the investigator says, "Like eh maybe" and I get scared to push them and lose them so I just say okay. Haha. It was a good lesson for me! I learned a lot!

The rest of the week, we have been contacting up a storm! I don't know how it is in most missions, but here in Sweden we rely almost completely on street contacting to get new investigators. This means we teach a lot of street lessons. We contacted the cutest Polish lady and taught her, and she was so positive! I was 300% certain it was because my name is Polish and she felt the connection. Haha :)

Our investigator, Kim, that I talked about a few weeks back, is having a pretty rough time right now. We haven't been able to meet with her because she has been back and forth between Uppsala and Stockholm with a funeral for a friend and trying to take care of her family, etc etc. If you guys wanted to pray for her, I'm sure she would appreciate it! :) She is so cute though. She always is sending us texts about how she knows God is there for her.

On Sunday, I translated sacrament meeting for an American who was here on business. One of the speakers shared Matthew 25:40, about how when we serve others, we are really serving God. He talked about these acts of service are usually not big things, but small things that happen every day. I've heard that scripture countless times, but this time it meant something different. I thought back on my mission thus far, and I'm realizing that God has blessed me with so many little opportunities to serve Him. I haven't done any great things. I haven't baptized a million people (in fact, I can count all of the baptisms I've been at on one hand). But I have put my everything into the mission, and I will be leaving my heart here when it's time to go. My mission means so much to me!! I am so grateful for my opportunity to serve.

Thanks for all of the prayers and emails and well wishes! I appreciate them every week!! Love you guys so much :)

xoxoxo Erin
We saw kids playing American football! It was a little more powder puff and a little less NFL. :)
This is in a church in the middle of Gamla Stan. It has this statue of a guy killing a dragon! Awesome!
The sisters with Karin
Syster King & Äldste Held had a spicy-food eating contest. S. King lost, so now the girls "have" to visit Denmark next summer. Haha!
Stadshuset (city hall) in Stockholm
Äldste Held (the Dane....obviously!)
Shopping in Stockholm to help Äldste Lofgren find gifts for his family
Such cute sister missionaries!

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