Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Month Mark to Me :)

Hi everyone!! This week was sooooo good! Happy month mark to me (in two days):) Time is absolutely flying by. Personally, I'm cool with it. I looooooove the MTC, but get me to Sweden!!:)

This week, we had Elder Russell M. Nelson and his wife come and speak to us. I was the only girl usher and it was the best job ever. Elder Nelson even looked at me when I came to sit down (front row holla) and I'm pretty sure he thought to himself, "Wow, what an amazing sister usher! Seriously the best!" That was fun. I have seen 4 apostles in the 4 weeks that I have been here and it has been so cool. I have been so blessed to hear from the ultimate missionaries!

The language has gotten a lot better this week. I can understand 90%-ish of what my teachers say and that blows my mind!! We had TRC last week, which is where we teach something like a home teaching lesson to members (usually--we have had a nonmember before). The members that come are usually native Swedes, or just got off their missions to Sweden. I understood the majority of what everyone said to me and it was the BEST! I have been working so hard and it is really starting to pay off :)

I met a real Swede this week too! He is from the southernmost part of Sweden, and was telling me about the accents in Swedish. He told me that if I go to where he is from, I won't understand a single thing. It was comforting. Haha! But really, he spoke Swedish to me with the southern accent and I died. Not only was it the coolest, but all I understood was "What's your name?". Such a good sign..haha. But he is so cool and made me so excited to get there!

Oh! I got called as Sister Training Leader for my zone this week! Just call me Soeur McCall Mod:) I am going to have the calling for my last two weeks and I am really excited. Since my zone is so small, I literally have to take care of myself and my companions. It kind of rocks :) My biggest responsibility will be helping the new Danes when they get here next week. Super exciting!

New Danes means that our old Danes are leaving on Monday :( I am really sad to see Sister Ripa go. We have become BFFs in the past 5 weeks we have spent together! All of them will be amazing missionaries and I am so pumped that I get to go out right after them!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thank you for supporting me and loving me! This church is so true. I feel like my faith has been put to the test here and what has come from that is an even stronger testimony! I know this church is true because I feel God's hand in my life constantly. He never would put me in a place to fail, but He wants me to grow and progress as much as I can and I am so grateful for it! God answers prayers and He is so good:) Have a great week!!

All my love,
Syster Mod
We always get notes on our board when we get to class and I thought this one was sooo funny. It was from the Turks :) My fish is the one with the long hair. Haha!

Erin's companionship and her new best friend Sister Wilson (from Australia who is going to Germany).

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