Sunday, May 11, 2014


Here are some of the fun things that Erin has been able to do during her MTC stay.

Erin was able to go to the Sacred Gifts exhibit and the BYU campus with her whole zone. They toured the BYU campus and got to go eat at the Creamery because one of the elders had come from out of the country. She loved it! It was fun to be back! This picture was taken at the top of the JFSB. 

Søster Ripa, Syster Mod & Zuster Riley with their Zone--the Swedes, Danes & Dutchies

Zuster Riley and Syster Mod enjoying the view at BYU.

Temple trip with Søster Ripa and Zuster Riley. Cutest trio ever!!

Syster Mod with an RM from Maryland that they met that day, Søster Ripa and Zuster Riley.
Classy yet sassy.

Peeps wars with the sisters. (You put toothpicks in the Peeps and when they blow up, see who stabs who). You learn all kinds of things in the MTC.....
Studying with Äldste Sweat and Äldste Pearson.
Because everyone needs a brushing teeth selfie??
Her name is on the door! Home SWEDE Home!
No MTC Experience is complete without taking a (million) selfie(s)!
It's a small world! Erin and Sister Emily Miller (Marci's friend's daughter). They lived two doors down from each other in the MTC until Emily left for Germany.

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