Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Halfway done!!

Sup everyone!! Just to let you know, I am halfway done with the MTC. Like I have been here 3 weeks. It's whatever. Not that anyone is counting. :) We are supposed to leave on June 9th! Getting so close!!

So this week included shaking an apostle's hand (no big deal), eating Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria (they weren't super gross...that is a big deal for the MTC), having a Norwegian companion for 3 hours, and a mustache party. It was kind of eventful considering I usually do the exact same thing every day.

Usually for Sunday devotional, we have an MTC operations employee or a Seventy or someone speak. This week, they told us we were going to watch a video instead, and I was kind of bummed because I like firesides. We watched a talk from David A. Bednar and at the end I thought, "This is great and all, but what if he was here? So cool!" Then he walked into the room. This is evidence that I have special missionary powers. Elder Bednar did a Q&A session with the entire MTC and it was aaaaaaamazing. He is like my favorite apostle. After he was done talking to us, me and a few elders from my zone got to go meet him and shake his hand. He was so nice! I hope there are as many apostles in Sweden as there are here because I am going to have nothing to say in my emails if there aren't...hahaha. Coolest Sunday ever!

The rest of the week has been really good too. Yesterday, I was paired with the new Norwegian teacher for a block of class time. She doesn't have any students right now, so she has been hanging out with the Swedes and the Danes. She pretended to be my companion and taught me how to actually study with a companion. #solosisterprobs but it was really cool! I am already looking forward to teaching with a companion if that is really what it is like! The only problem with that was she tried to speak Norwegian the whole time...I am learning Swedish. Correction--I am trying to learn Swedish. Haha! I could understand a little of what she said but I kind of just stared at her the majority of the time...It was a rough time for both of us because she could not understand me either. We taught a lesson to a "less active" together and it was good, but I felt so bad because I could not keep up with the two fluent speakers who could understand each other...I guess it gave me a taste of what Sweden will be like! Haha!

I have been feeling really frustrated with learning the language lately, but I know I am improving so I'm okay! Full immersion into a language is pretty overwhelming, but I can't believe that I have only been studying Swedish for 3 weeks and I can already express myself. Chalk that one up to the gift of tongues :)

S/O to my mother for the cutest Mexican food package! That is where all of the mustaches in the pictures came from. It was a good time. Except word to the wise: don't send refrigerated food through packages, such as Los Hermanos salsa, because the MTC will take away your refrigerated food and not be sorry about it. I am not bitter. Not one bit.

So yeah! I can't wait to get out of the MTC and do something different, but I know this is helping me so much. I love my zone and I love my district and I love my teachers and I am having so much fun here! I can feel everyone's prayers for me and I am so grateful for them! Thank you all for being such wonderful examples to me, and for not forgetting about me just yet:) I love you all!!!

Syster Mod
Lots of LP friends at the MTC! Felicia Thompson, Mazie Reneer, and Lisa Evans
Søster Ripa, Syster Mod, & Zuster Bradley at Temple Walk

The Zone. Only 9 missionaries.
S is for Sverige

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