Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hej everyone! Seriously thank you for all of the sweet emails and letters! I feel so loved:)
Well I'm here!! The MTC is a blast! Minus the food. That part kind of makes me want to die. #nasty but anyways:)
I'm a solo sister, which means I am the only sister in the entire MTC who is learning Swedish. My district is just two other elders who are going to Sweden with me, Elder Sweat from Palo Alto, CA, and Elder Pearson from St. George. I spend the majority of my time with them and they are super fun! Being a solo means I don't really have a companion, but my technical companion is Sister Ripa from Oregon City (Holla at Hermana Mod!). I room with her and she is sooooo awesome! She's also a solo and she is going to Denmark Copenhagen. We room with another solo, Sister Riley, and I looooovee her. She is going to Belgium/Netherlands speaking Dutch! We are all in the same zone (Swedes, Danes, and Dutchies:)) and it is such a party.
First night in "res" (residence) with the solo sisters.
Sister Johnson (West Indies/Dutch-speaking), Zuster Riley (Belgium/Netherlands), Syster Mod & Søster Ripa (Denmark).
So Swedish is really really really hard. But it's also really fun and I sound awesome so whatever:) We had to teach an investigator (aka a church volunteer) the second day we were here completely in Swedish and when I found that out I had a little moment of "EXCUSE ME ARE YOU KIDDING I DO NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO PRAY IN SWEDISH YET", but it turns out that the gift of tongues is the realest and the Spirit works even when no one knows what the heck you are saying:) Thank heavens! I have to teach by myself (#soloprobs) and as scary as it is, it's been really awesome for me and I think it is improving my language skills a lot. Plus I think my investigator feels bad that I'm a solo because he is always helping me with my Swedish when I can't remember a word or something:) He doesn't help the elders nearly as much (so they say) so I feel special:) We teach a lesson every day except Sunday and p-day and slowly but surely I am starting to say things that make sense in Swedish. Holla.
This week has been crazy but so good! Every night I go to bed so happy because it was such a fun day. My favorite day was probably Sunday. We just got to chill and watch Mormon Messages and walk to the temple and the weather was beautiful! Since it was fast Sunday, we went to a Mission Conference with the entire MTC and heard President Nally, the president of the MTC, and his counselors speak. It was so awesome. The MTC is turning me into a spiritual giant I'm pretty sure;) Or maybe it's the nametag...:) Yesterday Elder Holland came and spoke at our devotional! We were on like row six and I swear to you he looked at me like 5 times. General Conference ain't got nothin on the MTC.

Erin (bottom left, pink striped shirt) was even in Elder Holland's first tweet!

Anyway I love you all so much!! Thank you for being so wonderful to me! I seriously feel so loved here. The elders in my district say that our mailbox is just my mailbox because the majority of the mail is for me and I LOVE IT!:) Thank you thank you thank you for all of your prayers and sweet words and for watching out for my family. My mom told me about all the sympathy treats she got when I left and I was very impressed by how well you all know my family (chocolate & diet coke holla):) 
Jag vet att Jesu Kristi Evangelium är sann, och jag är so lyckliga här. Jag älskar ni!!!
So much love!!!!
Syster Mod :)

The only missionaries in the MTC going to Sweden. Äldste Pearson (from St. George, UT), Syster Mod, and Äldste Sweat (from Palo Alto, CA).

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  1. Could she be ANY cuter?? I don't think so! :-) ENJOY this very special time in your lives. It goes QUICKLY. My son will be home in 66 days and I can't believe it!