Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 2 and I'm Still Kickin!

Heyoooooo I'm still here! Thank you everyone for all of the letters and packages! I so love hearing from all of you! Special s/o to my mom for being the cutest and sending me the best MTC survival kit! It was well needed:)

So this week was awesome! I feel like I have so much seniority as today is my 2 week mark. Like what?! Where did the past two weeks go?

Last Wednesday, for P-day, we got to go to the Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU. It was sooo awesome and I saw a ton of people from school. We got to eat at the Creamery too, which was basically manna from heaven because like I have said 3 trillion times before, the food here is a solid 3/10. So the Creamery was awesome:) It was nice to get out of the gates here! Some people call the MTC "spirit prison" because all we do is learn, and we are locked in here, and all of the cinder block walls look like jail. It's whatever. I enjoy it.

My Swedish has really improved this week. I can understand the majority of what my teachers are saying, which is amazing considering how long I have been here. I have started teaching my second investigator, who is just one of my teachers. And I loooooove my teachers! They are so awesome and funny and they don't make fun of me when I accidentally say "Christ killed for us" instead of "Christ died for us". These things happen. I also accidentally walked into the boys bathroom this week so if you are wondering if the MTC has changed me, you are correct. It has turned my brain into mush.

Yesterday we got to hear from Elder L. Tom Perry, which rocked! Apostles are the best. You can just feel the atmosphere of a room change when they bear their testimony and I love it! I hope I get to see more apostles while I'm here. And just so you all know, I was definitely on row 10. Like s/o to me for getting the best seats ever at devotional every single time.

My zone is down to 7 people this week because the Dutchies left on Monday. We probably have the smallest zone in the MTC. Fast Sunday was awkotaco because all of us bore our testimonies and we still had like 20 minutes left. But I love it! We have made so many friends here that we are kind of part of everyone's zones. The missionaries going to Poland (affectionately known as the Polskis) and Bulgaria (affectionately known as the Bulgs) and Turkey (Turks. Obviously.) all love us. We have a ton of fun with everyone here! I have met people from Canada all the way to Congo. The MTC is probably the most diverse place in Provo. Haha! It is so much fun.
Erin and her first zone--only 9 missionaries; the Swedes, Danes & Dutchies.
Okay well I love you all so so so much and miss you more than you can even imagine! It's so much easier for me to write letters, and I have a lot more time to do that, so send me a Dear Elder or letter with your address or something and I'll write you something cute:) Jag älskar ni!!

Love, Syster Mod :)

PS--Also another big s/o to Brooke Shelton for the cutest cupcakes ever!! Send me your address because I have had a thank you sitting on my desk ready to go to you forever! I love you!
The "I'm a missionary so I'd better point at this map that everyone else points at" picture.

Erin found her friend from high school, Brad Clark. He had been in the MTC learning Russian for 3 weeks and then they changed his call to Peru. Now he has to learn Spanish. Wow!

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