Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last P-Day at the MTC!

Well here we are everyone! It is my last P-day before I head off to the beautiful land of Sverige! 5 days before my brain explodes due to culture shock;) I am so ridiculously excited and nervous and pumped!! I have been waiting for this day since January and now it is finally here! Ahh!! My two elders and I leave the MTC at 4:30 AM Monday morning. That's right, folks. What's sleep? We'll get to Sweden the next day around 9:00 AM Sweden time. It will be a long day...haha. But Europe! Woohoo!!!!
Anyway:) So this week has been sooooo awesome! Last Thursday, we were able to do TRC again, but this time over Skype. I fell in love with real life Swedes even more!  Everyone I talked to was so nice and had so much patience with my Swedish and told me they would come find me when I get to the country:) Being a missionary is so fun!
We didn't have any apostles come this week, but we had the Director of Internet Proselyting from the Missionary Department come and talk to us at Sunday night devotional. That was awesome. I am going to petition that Sweden has Facebook missionaries next because the success rates are crazy! Plus it sounds fun. And I may or may not be having withdrawals from social media. Hehe #addictionprobs
With Bro. Dunn. In Erin's words, "awkward sister missionary pose" Haha!
Yesterday, one of my teachers, Brother Dunn, had his last day teaching here at the MTC. It was very nearly the saddest, most pump up day of my life. I love Brother Dunn sooo much and I am so sad to see him go! He's the best. We spent our last class going through his pictures from the mission and listening to all of his stories. Sorry 'bout it everyone, but Sweden is the best mission ever. No competition. It is the prettiest, most awesome, diverse, COOLEST place in the world :) Our teachers pretend to be investigators they really had on their missions when we teach them, and Brother Dunn told us all about the investigators we "had" here at the MTC. I can't wait to meet these people in real life! Ah! I am positive I am going to be one of those annoying RMs who can't stop talking about their mission and showing people pictures because I love hearing stories from everyone else! It's cool. My parents will listen to me if nothing else;)
I have looooooved seeing all my friends come to the MTC this last week, and I'm really sad that today is the last time I'll ever be able to say, "Welcome to the MTC!" to anyone with a dork dot on their name tag. Haha. Everyone coming to the Provo MTC is so lucky! It's just like a mini Lone Peak/BYU :):) I love it here so much!
And last but not least, my final s/o's :) Biggest s/o to my sister who turns 17 in 2 days!! Happy birthday Shae!!!! Everyone tell her happy birthday for me:) And also s/o to my bestie Paige Eastwood who is now Hermana Eastwood...that is too weird. Haha I LOVE IT. Good luck in Mexico and Tennessee girlfrannn love you!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I have another email time on Saturday morning so I will talk to you all then. Cherish your time in America for me;) Hej då!!
Love love love love,
Syster Modersitzki :)

With Anna Gazdik and Elina Chun (friends from BYU)
With Erin Gazdik (darling roommate at BYU)

With Anna Gazdik (really good friend from BYU)

With Brittany Ewell (friend from Lone Peak)

With Makell Morrill (Erin's mom's cousin's daughter...confusing, she's related)

With Elder Kitchen (friends from BYU)
With Elder Fjelsted (friend from Lone Peak) & Zuster Bradley

With Sister Toma (Erin runs with her at gym time)
Cute companions!
Søster Ripa's last day in the MTC
Missionary work is exhausting! :)
The common missionary teeth-whitening picture. :) I just love her!

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