Monday, June 30, 2014

Rainy Week in Gävle!

Hiiii! So I am sure you have all seen that my family is partying hard all over Europe. Okay. I have decided that I will be redoing their same trip in Summer 2016 if anyone is interested. You can email me or send me a letter and we will get that all set up;)

So anyway! My week!:) On our last Pday, we went into the forest near the coast in Gävle with the elders and one of their investigators. It was so beautiful, but rainy and freezing. Just like always. Haha! We were out in the rain for hours and hours and shot bow and arrow things and made a fire. I know what you are all thinking, and yes, a mission has turned me into this crazy amazing outdoors person who can shoot things with an arrow (lol just kidding I was terrible at that). The investigator we had with us, Daniel, practiced street contacting with us. It was so awesome. He is better than I am! Hopefully he will get baptized soon :)

Erin, Syster Hill, Äldste Farnworth & Äldste Gentillon being all outdoorsy

Wet hair, don't care???.....

On Wednesday, we went down to Stockholm and slept over with the Stockholm sisters for Zone Conference the next day! At Zone Conference, we said goodbye to President and Sister Newell, who left on Saturday. We have a new mission president now! We are going down to Stockholm again on Friday for another conference to meet him and his wife. I love going down to Stockholm. I have been there every week since I got here, which is super unusual. This week, we got to see the Stockholm temple, which is sooo super pretty!
Saying goodbye to her first mission president, President Gregory J. Newell and Syster Candilyn Newell.
At the Stockholm temple

And we finished out the week on a high note with Carina's baptism! Ahhh. It was so good :):) She had to get baptized twice, which was a little bit funny. The first time, they didn't say her full name, so we had to redo it. The second time, Veikko (the guy who baptized her) held her under the water for like 15 seconds because her dress wasn't submerged. We were all freaking out and yelling "VEIKKO!! You can't do that!!!!!". She was totally fine, but it was probably the funniest/scariest moment...ever. Oh my gosh. Don't hold the homies underwater when they are just trying to follow Jesus Christ. Hahah!

But yeah!! It was a super awesome week!!! Cute family--I'm in Stockholm all day Friday, so if you are there too, look for me:)

Erin with her food. Haha! She ate the entire half by herself!
And last of all, Swede facts:):)
--I ate kebab this week, which is like...idk just a plate of meat with fries or bread. I would give it a 6.7 out of 10 on the delicious scale. It is super popular here.
--The elders just made us Swedish pancakes, so I am super happy right now. I love the elders in Gävle! They are the best!
--Is all I ever talk about food? Hehe sorryyyyy. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Have a great week!:)
Syster Mod in Sweden :)

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