Monday, July 7, 2014

A Month in Sverige :)))

Hej alla!! This week we are celebrating my month mark in Sweden! Is that crazy to anyone else? Just me? It feels like I have been here for 3 days. My Swedish also sounds like that. Haha! This week was soooo good!
We have been meeting with a lot of less actives and members lately! It has been really cool for me to get to know the ward members. Every other week, we go to a member's house for dinner. Her name is Annalil and she likes practical jokes a lot. The past couple times I have gone over there, we have been sprayed by a water bottle and a hose, had whipped cream flicked at us, had rice thrown at us, and last time Annalil jumped on me and just laid on me for like 5 minutes. I died. Hahah! She doesn't speak a lot of English, so I don't understand a lot of what she says...Needless to say, it is always an adventure when we go to Annalil's;) She is a legend with all of the missionaries that have served in Gävle.
We have had a really good week with contacting and finding new investigators! Last week, we tracted into a man named Patrick, who has the cutest little family. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and by the time we came back this week, he had read half of it. Whaaaaaaaaat!? That doesn't happen. He is super cool, and I think he will get baptized:) Unfortunately, his entire family went on semester for 2 weeks. Semester is the Swede's really long vacation time. It is a little bit rough on the missionaries. Haha!
On Friday, we had zone conference and met the new mission president and his wife, President and Syster Beckstrand!! My goodness I love them. They referred to themselves as "down home folks", and they are from a tiny town called Meadow, Utah. I feel right at home:) They are going to be so perfect!

I don't have a picture of Erin with President and Syster Beckstrand, but I DO have one of her Aunt Lisa, Shae, Mom, Aunt Sandy and Grandma Karen with them! We loved them!
Also, we met the Lowrys who work at the mission office. Our kids are in SUCH good hands!
Sunday was really great. I could understand a lot of church and it made me happy. I can tell my language is improving a lot because I am starting to understand so much more! However, I am still really grateful for Sister Hill. Because sometimes I just stand there and smile and nod when someone speaks to me in Swedish. Haha! During church, we had some gypsies come in and try to sell us was so funny. If any of you are ever in Sweden and someone tries to just hand you a rose, don't take it. They will ask for money and make you a target for their little underground Romanian mafia is so weird. I just think it is funny because they pretend to be poor, but they have iPhones sticking out of their pockets. To each his own I guess!;)
Erin is so grateful for Syster Hill
Okej itty bitty spiritual thought because I am a mishie: I have been thinking a lot this week about why I am here, and I have come to the conclusion that all of us are exactly where we are in life because God needs us there! I am here maybe because Patrick needed to hear about the church. Or because someone needed a pass along card. Or someone needed to feel better about their Swedish, so they listened to mine;) But it is the same for all of you! You are exactly where you are because God needs you there:) So be nice to everyone and do good things:)
And now, Sweeeeede facts:)
--Sometimes, a crazy drunk cat lady will invite you in off of the street and tell you why your church is wrong. Then when you try to talk, she will ignore you and talk to her's normal every day stuff ya know?:)
--People love to make pie here, but instead of fruit in them, they make it a meal with meat and stuff. I had taco pie this week and it was soooooo good. I will make you all a taco pie in 16 months. Pinky swear.
--KLADKAKA!! Oh my goodness. That cake. I completely understand why sisters gain weight in this mission. But I have been working out like a maniac, so no one stress;)
--Also sorry for only talking about always. It's life. #yum

I love you all!!! Have a great week!!
Sys Mod in Sweden (where the rest of my family is too...can anyone calm down these road trippers?;))

Opening her 4th of July package. She's so pretty!
This is "a mail carrier thing," to quote Erin. Someone help her with her Swedish!
Who says missions can't be fun?! The systers with Äldste Farnworth and Äldste Gentillon
4th of July in Stockholm with Syster Spencer
Happy 4th of July from Sweden!
The smallest street in Stockholm
Beautiful systers! Hill, Spencer, Modersitzki & Young

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