Monday, July 28, 2014

Global Warming is Real

Käre alla,

HOLY GOOD HEAVENS IT IS SO HOT IN SWEDEN. It has been hovering around 90 degrees all week. I am not prepared for this weather, and neither are the Swedes. Air conditioning only exists in stores and on buses, so our apartment is a sauna... And everyone we visit also lives in a sauna. Stores are sold out of fans across the country. Hahah but seriously. We are HOT. I love it:)

This week was soooooo ridiculously good with our investigators!! It was awesome! We got to meet with Patrick and his family on Tuesday. We asked him how his Book of Mormon reading was going and he was just casually like, "Oh yeah I finished it!". I think we probably stared at him for a good 15 seconds just processing that...4 weeks people. 4 weeks. He read the Book of Mormon in the time it takes me to get through first Nephi (#confessiontweet: I am not a fast scripture reader. Like at all.). It was insane. We asked him how he felt about it, and he said he was still praying about it and waiting for an answer. Then we asked him how he expects answers to come, and he was just like, "Whatever way God thinks that I need them!" Um. Okay. I think his middle name must be golden. He and his wife are strong Catholics (she is Filipino) and the Catholic church starts at 11 too, so the next thing we have to do is get them to skip their church to come to ours...but for reals how cool is that family!? That is such a strong example to me of faith. Like AH. It was just the best to meet with him.

We also had an investigator come to church! His name is Olle and he is really cool. He comes and plays innebandy with us sometimes and I think I have a few bruises from that, but it is whatever. I will take one for the team. He is 40-50ish and has 2 kids. He just broke up with his girlfriend this last week, and now he is super into church...Haha I guess priorities? We are sure that we are teaching him right now for a reason! His only issue with the church is that he thinks people can become perfect, just like Jesus, in this life. If that is true, I am really in trouble! I feel like life would be a lot harder if you expect yourself to be perfect. But we are working a lot with him and we have high hopes:)

Let's see...I got to go pick blueberries in the forest this week! That was cool. Sweden is so pretty, plus free blueberries so holla! 
Mini golfing with Mihail, Hugo & Melinda
We also went mini-golfing for FHE last week and it was a ton of fun. Every Monday, we have FHE (it's called Hemafton) and we do something fun. Today we are going to play frisbee golf!
I absolutely love it here. The branch feels like my family and I am just happy!

It still doesn't feel real that I live in Sweden. I am so grateful that I get to be a missionary right now!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! Have a great week! Pray that we don't melt:)
Syster Mod
At Zone Meeting: Sisters Anderson, Christensen, Mod, Hill & Elders Bilodeau, Farnworth, Forsyth, Miles

Chicken & pigs feet (African food Erin did NOT have to eat)
However, the girl loves her food! :)

The cutest little missionary EVER!!
Erin's BFF (best friend forever)--Marita

Annalil gave Erin this cute watch for caring for her cats while she and her husband were on vacation...

....and then she sprayed whipped cream on her leg. What a joker! :)

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