Monday, August 4, 2014

Syster Mod is Still Melting

Hiiiii everyone! How are you all? Is it cooling down in the States yet? Because it is just getting hotter in Sweden and I only brought like 3 short sleeve shirts with me. IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS HOT. Guess I just have to go shopping:) (Sorry Daddy:)) The last two weeks, church has only been 2 hours because there is no AC in the building. Hahaha. I love Sweden way too much.
Cute Swedish Houses
This week was really good! I feel like I learned so much and my greenie-ness is starting to wear off;) On Tuesday we went on splits! Syster Christensen, one of the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) in Uppsala, came to Gävle to be with me for the day.
Erin and Syster Christensen on splits...notice the photobomber. Haha!
I was so nervous! The little greenie inside me was screaming "NO MOM DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE IN CHARGE OF GETTING US ON THE RIGHT BUSES!!" when I sent Syster Hill off to Uppsala. But everything was totally fine and I did get us on all of the right buses:) I had a ton of fun! Syster Christensen is so cool. She is just so chill and fun and has really awesome perspectives on missionary work! Plus her Swedish is the bomb. I learned a lot from her:) And what girl doesn't love to have a sleepover?

We met with Patrick again and taught him the Plan of Salvation! He was super interested. He said that he is still waiting on an answer about the Book of Mormon, so we gave him a lot of chapters to read (I mean reread....what a champ) and we hope that we can meet with him again this week! 

Yesterday, we got to meet with an "eternal investigator" named Baby this week. She is soooo cool! She is from Liberia and has the most darling grandchildren that are with her 24/7. I seriously love Africans. Sweden needs Africans. They are all so feisty and crazy and loud, which is like...the exact opposite of native Swedes. I love both:) But anyway! Her granddaughter was talking to me a lot, and it was super fun. She is 8 years old and hilarious. She did have a really hard time understanding our accents though. It is really common for people to ask if we can speak Swedish instead of English when we start speaking Swedish. Our accents are so strong that everyone thinks we are speaking English no matter what language it is! And I still think it is SO weird and cool that I can speak another language. Yay Sweden! Yay missions! Yay still not understanding people but trying really hard!:)

fun factsssss: I have more Muslim friends now than I think I have had.....ever. #diversity
Grandmas tend to lay out at the park in the middle of town to get tan...sometimes I just want to contact them all and give them a towel to cover themselves.
There was a carnival this week and all of these trucks were selling "a real taste of America", aka donuts. Last time I checked the real taste of America was FREEDOM, but okay. Donuts work too.

Haha I love you all!! Happy birthday s/o to McCall! And good luck with school starting this month all of you homebodies;)

xooooooxoxoxoxooxoxox so much love!

Erin on her hike with Annicka and her family last p-day. We all love Annicka! She takes such good care of the missionaries AND THEIR MOMS!! :)
Having a great day with Syster Christensen

Swedish duck faces


How could you not love these missionaries?--S. Christensen, S. Mod, Ä. Farnworth

Erin and her companion, Syster Hill

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