Monday, August 18, 2014

Remember when it was hot?

Syster Mod coming at you in 60 degree weather! And I thought Utah weather was bipolar....Oh Sweden. On the bright side I got to buy boots to "prepare" for fall (aka go shopping but whatevs):) But enough about the weather. Because this week was absolutely craaaaazy!

So we will begin with Patrick and his wife. Unfortunately, we have to give them to the elders because they live in the elders' area. We really really really hope that they have a real desire to become members of the church. Because it is a giant blessing and everyone deserves it:)

Olle is still doing super good! We had a really good lesson on prayer. He is still trying to find out if God exists, and it has been really hard for him to begin praying. Which makes sense, I guess, when you think that praying is just talking to yourself. Haha! This week, he and I made a deal about what we would pray for. He has to pray and ask God if he really is there, and I have to pray that I will be more assertive in asking when I don't understand his Swedish. Hahah. It was his idea, so I was happy to go along with it! In my defense, he uses really big words. Ask any missionary in Gävle. But things are going well with him :)

Syster Mod, Äldste Bilodeau, Syster Hill
Speaking of the missionaries in Gävle, we all got interviewed by another reporter this week! A lot of what she knew about the church was from South Park and the TLC polygamy shows...If any big TV producer reads this, make a show about normal Mormons please! For the sake of missionaries everywhere!;) The reporter was really fun to talk to though. I think she was surprised that missionaries are fun and cool instead of sticks in the mud. And that we actually follow the rules we have been given. She asked if any of us had snuck out just once after 10:30 PM, and we all just shook our heads. Like lady. Sleep is way too important here. Haha!

On Friday, we went down to Uppsala for Zone Training and interviews with President Beckstrand. It was so much fun! I absolutely adore President and Syster Beckstrand. They could not be cuter or more fun. Syster Beckstrand talked to Syster Hill and I for like 30 minutes on how post-mission life (including the M word...marriage) is not scary at all, and we shouldn't be worried about it. Syster Hill has 3 months left, so she actually has to worry about it. My 14 months left make me not so scared at all:) This week we get to go to Stockholm for a mission tour and see the Beckstrands again! As well as the rest of the new greenies. I LOVE seeing new greenies. I feel less like a greenie myself;)

Also, just so you all know, week 2 of the lost bus pass: riding bikes edition---completed. I would like to say that I am in the best shape of my life, but that would not be true. All bikes have done is a) made me hungrier, and b) made me feel better about eating more. But, I can almost bike with no hands now. So I am obviously working on the important things here:)

But yeah! Life is goooooood:) I am having so much fun and I love my companion and things are just so good! Being a missionary makes you really notice all of the blessings in your life. For example, I have never been so grateful for my ever. Haha! Everyone go hug your parents and your siblings RIGHT NOW just because you can:) They are the best!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Have an awesome week:)
xoxoxox Syster Modersitzki :)

This is the mist at a park near Erin's apartment.

Riding in the mist.

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