Monday, June 23, 2014

Midsommar!! 50 degree weather

Hej!! So just so you all know, I am writing this wearing a coat. It has been FREEZING here, like 50's and 60's! I celebrated the first day of summer in a coat. Someone needs to call Sweden and remind them that it is most definitely the end of June, but whatever.

So we have a baptism this week!! Carina is getting baptized on Sunday, and I am sooooo excited for her:) I absolutely adore her! She has a little dog that she doesn't like to leave home for more than 3 hours, so she is going to come to Sacrament, go home, and then come back for her baptism. We will take it. Haha! She is so happy and fits right in with the ward. I can't even wait for her baptism!

Syster Mod & Syster Hill on the train
We have been crazy busy this week traveling. We have been to Uppsala (which is about an hour south of Gävle) for final interviews with President Newell before he leaves. I will miss President Newell! He and his wife have been so so kind to me. But I am excited to meet the new president too! 
On Friday, we got to go to Stockholm for a giant Midsommar festival! Midsommar is a super Swedish holiday that I am kind of in love with. Bringing it to the US. Basically, we just hung out in a big park with a toooonnnn of other missionaries and made flower crowns and ate and sang and danced around a maypole. It was so much fun!! Midsommar is a nonproselyting day because most of the adults use it to get drunk. The Mormons just dance around maypoles and play tug-o-war. Haha!

Midsommar with Syster Hill & Syster Spencer
With the Swedish singer in folk costume

We have Zone Conference this week, so I'll be in Stockholm on Thursday. LOOK FOR ME FAMILY!!:) (My mom and sister and a bunch of my extended family are taking a European cruise that starts in Stockholm...of course they do this right when I am serving the Lord...;))

So I am learning quickly how Swedes like to mix a bunch of different religions and say they believe in that. Most also don't believe in a God, but they definitely believe in a higher power. Like...okay. Haha! We talked to a lady in the park, and she said she believed in reincarnation, but she wasn't Buddhist. We also got scolded this week while tracting because God and Jesus Christ are "obviously one person, and if you read the Bible, it is incredibly clear." I need to study my scriptures more! Haha! Tracting is so hilarious. I think I am cursed because no one answers the door...ever. Maybe that is a blessing sometimes? Haha;)

okaaayyyy swede facts!:
-Swedes love cucumbers and literally put them on everything. I had cucumbers in a taco this week (and it was surprisingly really good. I recommend it.).
-When you live with a girlfriend or boyfriend, they are called a sambo. I don't get it. Haha! They are super common. #europe
-We teach a lot of people from Africa. Sister Hill can usually guess what country an African is from the second she looks at them. I am working on developing that talent.
-All of the teenage boys here look exactly the same--think 1990's pants with long blonde hair. It is hilarious and I love Europeans.

I absolutely LOVE it here, even though I am freezing to death! Everyone should go on a mission. For real. It is so super hard, but there is nothing more rewarding than having people tell you that you are helping them become better:) I love that:)

all my loveee!!!!
syster mod in sweden :)
In beautiful Stockholm

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