Monday, August 3, 2015

Mod and B are staying together :)

The sisters at Brandon and Stina's baptisms in Malmö.

This week has been super fun!! And I have the best news. B AND I ARE STAYINGGGGG!! 6 more weeks of the best companionship ever. We were dying for transfer calls....Haha the zone leaders find out on Friday and call us all on Saturday, but we bugged them so much on Friday to tell us first thing in the morning that they called and woke us up at 6 to tell us. Hahaha. It was funny hour after. If you know me, you know I am not a morning person. ;) But how can you not be happy with such good news!! We are so so so happy and excited to be staying together. It is going to be the best transfer yet :)

The zone.
On Monday, we had a giant mission wide volleyball tournament in our respective zones. B played in high school, and I was totes a champion at church ball, so we went undefeated (and then lost in the last match but we won't talk about that). It was sooooo fun! It's a lot of fun to hang out with other missionaries and speak American English and stuff. :)

We didn't see Matilda very much this week because she went to a giant YSA church EFY type thing called Festinord (which I am sure I have talked about and I am definitely going next year). But! She came to church on Sunday and bore her first testimony!! I wish I could describe to you just how much I love that girl. Haha she is seriously the best! She has the most amazing testimony. She hasn't been able to talk to her family yet about her baptism, but we should have a date by tonight....We are SO excited. She is amazing and such a good example to me. 

We also met with Elin this week! She is the funniest. She texted us and was all "Can you guys tell me about alcohol and morality and everything your church says about those things?" and we were like "....ugh darn it ok." Haha! Just kidding, obviously. Those are my favorite lessons. I realized that I have never taught the Law of Chastity in Swedish before. I've taught it maybe 5 times in English...? Haha I guess our investigators just never get that far! But anyway. Elin is having a "clean week" where she doesn't do anything against the church's moral code. She was really nervous, but it was her own idea, and we happily supported it! She is just diving in to all of the new things the church has to offer and it is so cool to watch. And she also texted us a drawing of the Plan of Salvation that she made on the app PicCollage. Hahah I LOVE HER. We work with the coolest people in the world.
And remember the people who we did the wedding for last week? We got to go to their baptism this week!! They were baptized in the ocean right by the Malmö chapel and it was AMAZING. They are the cutest people in the world. #BrandonandStina4lyfe

So yeah. It was just a fun, really motivating week. I feel so blessed to get another transfer here with my best friend. We have been talking and talking about how we have started to reach the end of our missions....and holy FREAKY. But. Holy motivating too!! It is find, teach, and baptize time in Lund :) We both feel it!

Hope you all have such a good week!! I love you guys!! 

xoxoxo Syster Modersitzki
Eating yellow watermelon. It's SO GOOD!!
With Anuka.

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