Monday, August 17, 2015

The baptism of the CENTURY

HIIIII everyone!!!

So. As you all know, it was a very special week for B and Matilda and I. Matilda got BAPTIZED on Saturday!!! I know I'm getting ahead of myself and like skipping the entire week, but I can't help it. I just love Matilda and I'm so happy for her!!!! We spent the entire week planning for the baptism--i.e. cleaning the font, freaking out about the program, getting people to be on the program, etc etc....and it all worked out perfectly!! President and Syster Beckstrand drove 8 hours from Stockholm to come and surprise Matilda for her baptism, and it was so fun!! Matilda was so so so happy to see them and to see all of the support she got from the ward. The building was packed. It felt like a normal day at church! When she was getting baptized, B and I were just wiping each other's tears...haha such cry babies. But it is the most amazing feeling in the world to see someone you love so much do something that you know they have wanted for such a long time! I say this every week, I know....but I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. What would I possibly do in my life without these experiences?? And these friends? I love Matilda and I loved being there and it was so HAPPY. Beckstrom and I feel like we are both here in Lund right now just for her. :) She was confirmed on Sunday and it was PERFECT. :):):)
The cutest STLs (Sister Training Leaders) ever!!

Okay. Like...the rest of the week. Right. Haha! On Tuesday we went to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) in Stockholm! It was so fun. Syster Beckstrand made Cafe Rio, so honestly we could have done absolutely nothing and I still would have said it was fun....hahah so good. But this transfer we are working on finding the prepared, and not just finding the people that will listen :) There is a big difference between people that are willing to listen and people that are willing to act! We had zone training in Malmö on Thursday about that too, and it was really good. Missionary meetings just make me pumped to go contact the whole world. Then, when we do it, and 15 out of the 26 people are super mean, I regret it a little....but kom igen. Salvation waits for no one!!!!!! ;)

Talking about the B of M with this view. Amazing!
We also got to go to the cutest member's house who lives like an hour and a half away from Lund in a little town that is absolute paradise! Imagine Hawaii with cute European architecture. It was heaven!! We sat on her patio and listened to the ocean and talked about the Book of Mormon. My life is literally the best.

Okay sorry this is short I have like zero time....but. Put it in the record books!! B and Mod are baptizing all of Sweden starting this week!!! ;)
Love you ALLLLL!! Good luck with school this week everyone ;)

xoxoxoox Mod :):)
Beckstrom & Beckström? When Erin loses her name tag. Haha!
These girls love Syster Beckstrand!
B & Mod with Malena. Such great friends!!
How adorable is their new little friend?!

Missions make people the best of friends. Love these girls!! Mod, B & Powell
They live in SWEDEN and they're eating at McDonald's. Why? Just why?

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