Monday, August 24, 2015

The Gospel is True

It's the little churros! ;)
Hej allihopa!!

Another week has come and gone...What the heck. Time is flyyyyyying! We had a super good time here in cute cute Lund :) I love this place!

I was able to go on splits with Syster Kimball here in Lund! Syster Kimball was "born" here, so she started her mission here last year :) We were able to meet with a few of her investigators and see quite a few members and it was so fun! She just transferred down to Kristianstad from Gävle, where I was "born," so I got the low down on what is happening there from her too :) It is so fun being with other sisters and seeing how they contact and teach certain's all the same work, but there are so many ways to do it! I need to be more creative. Contact people by singing on the street or something....hahaha any way we can to get them to be curious about the church!

On Thursday, we went to Malmö for district meeting. Right now they are having a giant festival in Malmö with people and cultures and food from all over the world...I LOVED it. We ate Caribbean food and coconut smoothies and churros and I'm sorry all I ever do is talk about food but it was SO good! I love trying new things. My MSF card doesn't super appreciate it...but hey. You only are in Sweden once (until you come back next summer for Festinord), might as well try it all!

Every missionary wearing green. :)
We have a new ward mission leader here, and he is awesome. He was getting us so pumped up for missionary work and how we are going to turn Lund into an amazing it already is. But it's going to get even better :) We had our first correlation meeting with him this week, and we decided that all of the missionaries are going to start color coordinating for church to show unity. Hahah. I LOVE it. I'm obsessed with the idea. Yesterday's theme was green ;)

After our correlation meeting, we walked through the church to say goodbye to everyone that was there, and we ran into a young women's activity! They were playing the funniest game with dice and chocolate and dress-ups....needless to say, we played with them. Hahah. I love the youth in this ward! They are so good with missionary work. One girl was talking to me and was expressing her surprise that less active members come to activities when you invite them...haha. She said she invited a girl to the activity "and she actually wanted to come! Does that always happen?" Ohhhh the people here are so cute. I love them all!!

I got to sing in church on Sunday, and it was a really cool experience. I was just really blown away by the fact that I can speak Swedish now. And not only speak Swedish, but sing in Swedish...and people can understand, and I've only been here a little over a year....I am just so grateful for my mission for teaching me how to be grateful for the little things! The gift of tongues is SO real. Heavenly Father blesses his missionaries. :)

We had a lesson with an American guy this week who Syster Beckstrom tracted into before I got here. We talked about literally every gospel principle while he kind of laughed at us and "our stories"...there are 2 things I learned from this.
1. Serving a mission in the US would be frustrating because people are loud and they don't let you talk sometimes. Haha!
2. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE. The guy talked about how following our gospel sounds like the blind leading the blind....I thought a lot about that, and I know that I am not following people just to fit in. I didn't leave everything I have ever known to come to this country just to be cool. I am here because I know God loves me and has a plan for all of us. I NEED to share that. Everyone needs that message.

So yeah. So sorry for going so missionary there....haha I just don't have a lot of time left to use that excuse!! I gotta soak it all up and use it as much as I can!! :)


Swedish Fun Facts (sorry it's been 5 years since I did these):
-Sweden has made tacos become my new favorite meal.....idk. We eat it allllllll the time here! With cucumbers and bananas. That is the only way to go :)
-15 year olds tried to give us cigarettes. The world is messed up.....

Have the best week! And a super big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my cute mom Marci who is celebrating this week :) Everyone give her a hug from me!!!

xoxox Erin

The scenery in Sweden is spectacular!!
Syster B, Anuka and Syster Mod
They found Central Park!

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