Monday, March 30, 2015

Goodbye Syster Maxwell!

Erin loves Stockholm!
Dear faaaaam & vänner (friends)
Hi! This has been a super good week! I can’t believe I have been here in Uppsala for a transfer. Time flies. I’m saying goodbye to Syster Maxwell this week, which is a major bummer. I'll miss her tons!! But my new companion is coming straight from Gävle, which means I automatically am going to love her!! Yay greenie area :) Her name is Syster King, and she is one transfer younger than me in the mission! I think we are going to have a lot of fun :)
So we did a lot of service this week! It was technically service, but it was more fun because we got to have a bonfire. :) We helped a lady in the ward whose husband just passed away clean out her yard and burn all of the extra dead grass and wood and branches. It took forever and I sprained my wrist and it was SO fun. Haha! The lady we helped was super grateful. She made us brownies, and then before we were all about to leave she asked if we could say a prayer. She said it, and mentioned how this was missionary work because her neighbor called to ask who we were and if we needed help with the project. I think it was missionary work even if her neighbor had not have ended up calling. Missionaries are just here to do what Christ would do! We’re not perfect, but we are trying ;)
We have also picked up the cutest new investigator named Kim! She is 19, and half American, but she has grown up in Sweden all her life so she is pretty much Swedish. (She loves speaking English with us though. Haha they all do!) Kim has investigated the church before, but her life got crazy and she just fell out of contact with the church. Last week, she just showed up at Family Home Evening, and she has come to every single activity we have had since, including all 3 hours of church. She is so awesome!! She says she thinks she is ready to take the steps that she wasn’t before. I just love her and I’m so excited to keep working with her :)
We got to show Meet the Mormons on Saturday as one of our activities, and that was really cool! It was the second time I have seen it (we got to watch it at zone conference in February) and I still love it. We had Helena, our less active, and Kim, our investigator, there to watch, and they both cried. Sometimes I just love the Spirit ;) It makes me happy to see the Church get the needed publicity! Missionaries can’t do it all!
I am sooooo excited for General Conference this coming weekend. FINALLY! We are basically sitting in the church all weekend and watching people talk. At home, I was always excited for conference weekend pajamas and food, but now it’s the talks...hahah oh how a mission changes you. We haven’t been able to watch the women’s session either yet and I am just dying to get there. I know, I know. Who am I!?!? Haha :) juuuust a spiritual giant it’s fine
Påskris (Swedish Easter Trees)
Fun facts:
-Myldsmail has not been working very well and I am flustered. That is the explanation if none of this email makes sense...hahah
-It hasn’t stopped raining like all week. But it makes me SO happy. Because it’s not snow :)
-Swedes decorate trees for Easter (called Påskris) by attaching colorful feathers to twigs. Americans should totally do this. It's so cute!
okay have the best week ever xoxoxo!
Syster Modersitzki

Erin & Emily got to go see the 1628 Swedish warship, the Vasa, (which sank after sailing only 1,400 yards).
The detail on the Vasa is amazing!

Erin loves Sweden. How could you not? Look at this!
The Mission Leadership Council (MLC)
Everyone needs an MLC selfie!
Elder Tolley posted this pic to Facebook saying that Syster Mod said her mom would hate to see her posture at the piano. Haha! Have I really taught this girl nothing?
Farewell dinner for Syster Maxwell with the Tolleys and the Uppsala missionaries.
Goodbye Syster Maxwell!

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