Monday, March 16, 2015

Sundsvall = Check!

This is an old Viking rune stone. Erin could not get enough of these!
Helloooo everyone!!

This has been a really good week. I have finally made it to every sister area from Stockholm to LuleƄ (plus Halmstad), and I'm really proud of myself :) We did workovers in Sundsvall Tuesday and Wednesday, which means we went up and slept over and both worked with the Sundsvall sisters. It was so much fun!! I really liked Sundsvall. It felt good to finally get back to Norrland. :) This week we are doing workovers in LuleƄ and taking a side trip to Kiruna with the Tolley's to see the ice hotel. I AM SO EXCITED. This will be my third trip to the Arctic Circle. Elder Tolley said they are going to dub me Erin Kiruna Modersitzki when we get up there. Haha! We were out of the area so much this week, and next week is going to be even worse, but again...WORTH IT. Haha. I love this country!!

I had a really good time on splits and learned a lot. I was with Syster Johanson, who is almost 6 months younger than me in the mission, but older than me in real life. I am still one of the youngest sisters, but one of the oldest in the mission. Holla at my birthday next month though (just so you all know ;)). Syster Johanson told me the most awful thing I have ever heard about a mission ending. When you get home, you hug the fam and whatever, but then you head over to your stake president's house to get released. There will be a point he asks you to take off your tag, and as you put the magnets back together, it makes a loud click sound. And that's it. Your mission is over in one click. I FREAKED OUT. AWFUL. I love my mission and the only things that will ever get me to leave are complete exhaustion and missing my family. Haha. Cherish every second of your life right now. I am learning that the hard way. Time is going by way too fast!!!

"I live in Frozen! It's awesome!"
Even though we were out of the area a lot, we were able to meet with a lot of new people this week. I have spent like 6 hours calling lists of potential investigators and trying to set up appointments in the past two weeks. Out of calling 9 pages of potential investigators, we have like 8 people interested in meeting. Haha. But on the bright side, I am definitely improving my phone Swedish. ;) We were able to meet with a guy from Ukraine, and man from Afghanistan, a woman from Iran, and another woman from Mexico. Not one actual Swede. #diversity haha it was really cool! The woman from Mexico, Grisel, asked for a blessing, so the elders came with us. That was a cool experience. I hadn't heard a blessing given in Swedish before, and the Spirit was really strong.

We just had a really good week together! I am sad Maxwell is headed home so soon, I've grown attached to her...haha. I have had the best companions. #blessedddddd But yeah. Life is good over here :)

Fun facts:
-Swedes are like sunflowers. As soon as the sun comes out, they all follow it around. I thought it was really weird last summer, but now I completely get it. Sorry for judging you Swedes
-Sweden is one of the most expensive countries in the world, so we get a lot of MSF (money from the church we use to buy groceries and stuff). And yet, I still run out every month without fail....maybe I should slow down on the Swedish treats? Nahhhhhh
-My comp wrote the funniest email about things that are Swedish or not. Please go read. It clearly explains the differences between Switzerland and Sweden and is hilarious. My favorite one: Swiss is not a language. I speak Swedish, not Swiss :) (This is Marci: Here is the link to the blog Erin is talking about.

Love you all!!!! Have an awesome week!! I will think about each and every one of you at the ice hotel ;) xoxoxo!
Runes, runes and more runes

Beautiful Uppsala
Domkyrkan......such a beautiful church!
Erin is proud that she could read Old Swedish on this tomb in the church.

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