Monday, March 2, 2015

Did I transfer to Stockholm or something?


This was the funnest week ever! I basically lived in Stockholm and I loved it. Best city in the whole world! And we had a baptism! The only thing I can think of that could have made this day better was a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos.....OH WAIT we found an American store that had some and I bought some on the spot. Life. Is. Gooooood. :)

So BAPTISM! Yay! Fontana was so excited to be baptized on Saturday. The Spirit was super strong and everyone was so excited. After it all happened and we were having refreshments, Fontana got up and bore the cutest little impromptu testimony. It was awesome because he is very shy, and I'm sure it was hard for him. He got up, all smiles, and thanked us all for coming, and said he was so happy he could call us all his brothers and sisters in God now. ADORABLE. I love new converts. They just have a special light to them :)

Syster Mod & Syster Beckstrom
I also got to go on splits with my bestie Syster Beckstrom :) She is the best!!!! I love her! She is in Täby, a part of Stockholm, so I got to live the Stockholm life for a second and see all the things it has to offer :) They have Hollister and Dunkin Donuts there, so I think I would be good to live there for the rest of my mission. Haha. We of course got Dunkin Donuts because I miss American pastries and they were awesome. Splits are so fun. They just feel like sleepovers at home (except you wake up at 6:30.....I hate that time of day. Haha). We taught the funniest lesson to one member's friend. The friend only spoke Spanish, and we only spoke Swedish and English. It was a lot of pointing and "bien. mucho bien.". I am learning Spanish when I get home, mark my words!

We had zone training on Friday, where I got to see my cute little MTC group again!! I was so excited to see Pearson and Sweat. Love my elders ;) We learned about how we are going to become a practicing mission, and they compared it to Halo and World of Warcraft and all these video games and how you have to practice to be good....hahah oh my gosh. Elders. They are so weird. You just gotta love them! I think they miss video games.

This is gonna be short because I am super pushing it on time...haha sorry everyone. I just got some time for fun faaacts :)
-everything at the American store is like over 10 dollars. even chocolate bars.
-also a salad at McDonalds here costs almost 10 dollars. and there is no dollar menu. it's awful.
-It has been so WARM here! I love it!! Bring on spring!!

LOVE YOU ALL!! Have an awesome week! xoxox!

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