Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh transfers...but YAY change!!!

Here is Erin sparking on the ocean! (The sleds are called sparks.)
Hi everyone! This week was crazy but so good! I made it to Uppsala on Wednesday. It was the saddest to leave Luleå. As a final hurrah, we took sleds on the ice road (on the ocean holla) and ran around and had a blast. I miss Stetler already, but I really could not love my new comp more and I absolutely adore Uppsala :)

My new companion is Sister Emily Maxwell! She is from Bountiful, UT (went to the same high school as my mom, shout out to her) and she is just so cute! We have been having a ton of fun together and we get along super well. We haven't spent that much time together though, because as soon as I got here, I was shipped off to Gävle for splits!

Erin was so happy to see the church in Gävle too. :)
I LOVE GÄVLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Splits there were seriously the best. We got to visit all my friends!! Carina, who was baptized in the summer when I was there, Annelill, and then ended the day with branch council, where I got to see a whole bunch of people. I loved it!!! Everyone there was so impressed with my Swedish. Apparently my accent as a greenie was....scary. One of the members, as soon as I started speaking, was like "WOAH DIN SVENSKA!!" ("Woah your Swedish!!"). Hahah. I just loved being back there. It felt just as familiar as when I left! I am convinced that part of me is just never going to leave Sweden. I love it too much!!

Going on splits with Syster Giles in Gävle.
Getting back to Uppsala has been fun :) We have one investigator who is getting baptized on Saturday named Fontana, so that is super exciting! We taught him a lesson on the plan of salvation this week, and he really couldn't be a more perfect investigator. We were able to teach him with the senior couple that lives here, and I LOVE THEM. I think I need to be by a senior couple for the rest of my mission! I just have never been more taken care of! :) I was stoked to meet the rest of the ward at church this week, but my poor comp got the flu Saturday night, so we had a sick day Sunday. I think the ward thinks I am hiding from them or something. Hahah.
Beautiful Uppsala
I like being a Sister Training Leader so far. It is kinda scary to all of the sudden be one of the older sisters in the mission. Like what? I am definitely still a greenie! The only thing that is funny to me is that people keep asking me questions about missionary work and obedience and stuff like I know everything. I wish....  It's just so weird to me that my mission will end at some point. I am excited to see my family (in the far future haha don't worry #nottrunky), but I don't think I want to stop being a missionary. Because Maxwell is going home so soon, we talk about home all the time, and I am just dying! I have so much left to do here!! Heavenly Father is counting on me!! (On a nonspiritual note, there is also a lot of food I have left to try too. My bucket list is loooong! Hahah!)

This week wasn't super eventful, but next week will be for sure! I will be in Stockholm the majority of the week for leadership meetings, splits and zone training. I have missed Stockholm!! I am really excited :)

Sorrryyyyy kinda boring email this week. But I love you all!!
Fun facts:
And now she knits! Who knew?
-We have knitting night in this ward, and I learned how to knit. I feel so homemaker-y and awesome. Call me if you are low on hot pads. Haha!
-Uppsala is one of the biggest university towns in Sweden, and the church is super close to campus. The missionaries put on a free hot chocolate stand as a finding activity on Fridays after class and we always have people stop!
-Except Swedes don't understand the concept of free. Haha. They think we are selling poison or something because our nametags say Jesus
-I FINISHED JESUS THE CHRIST and it was awesome!!!!! Best book ever. Highly recommended :)

Have a great week everyone!!!
xoxo Syster Mod

Syster King, Syster Giles, Syster Maxwell (Erin's new companion), & Syster Mod

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