Monday, February 9, 2015

The week when everything went wrong and then right

Hallå everyone!!!

Wow. Where do I even begin with this week?? I have never had so much stress/had so many prayers answered. Hahah. It was fun.

So on Monday! We were switching the car with the elders, and we were gonna take it for the next couple of days. One of the elders couldn't find the keys, so we looked around forever and couldn't find them. It was a scary experience. We were looking in snow drifts and where we ate dinner and the library where we emailed....when none of us could find the keys the next day (we tore Luleå completely apart looking for them), we called one of the senior couples in the office, who told us there was no spare key to the car and we had to find it or get the car towed to a dealer so they could make a new key and get the car back to us in two weeks. None of us have the Swedish vocabulary skills to do that, so that was not an option. Haha! I have never said so many prayers in my whole life!!! Stetler and I searched and searched and searched, and in the end some nice person turned the keys into the police station and we got them back :) I learned three lessons from this. 1. Swedes are AWESOME and honest. 2. Don't trust elders with car keys. and 3. Heavenly Father answers alllllllll of our prayers, even the dumb ones. It was good :)

Also this week, I decided I was bored with my hair color and wanted to box-dye it. DUMB. Don't do that. It is super dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. It went really really bad....hahah. I prayed that I could find a way to cover it until Monday and that someone would be able to fix it, and my prayers were answered!! No one even noticed at church and even though it is taking 2 hair appointments, it is almost fixed! Hahah. Never box-dye your hair. Just don't do it. Bad idea. #missionaryprobs

On Saturday, we had a killer tracting day. It was amazing. 3 people let us in, and usually we get let in once a week, if that.... #sweden but it was great!! We taught this super cool couple named Kris and Jen. Kris is half American, and Jen is from California, so it was super cool! It was fun to give the first lesson in English to Americans...hahah but scary. Teaching people just like you is kind of terrifying and I don't know why! Maybe because they understood everything we said?? Haha. They were super positive though, and said they were headed to the store as soon as we left to find out if they could buy herbal tea for us for next time, since we had to turn down everything else they offered us. :) Then to top off the American craze, we met a guy from Salt Lake City, Utah. Just chillin in Luleå. Hahah. It was the weirdest thing! He wasn't a member, but he knew a lot about the church. (and was nooooot interested if you guys were wondering. hahah)

We met with Henrik again, and he said that he is busy trying to pray about a baptismal date. He even gave us his lighter so he would stop smoking for a few days (he admitted he was totally planning on buying another, but baby steps. Haha!). I am super proud of all of the progress he has made.

We also met with Theresa this week, and she came to church again! She told us that she has decided to give Mormon life a try for an entire month and see how she feels after. I am so excited! She has given up coffee, read up on all of our "rules", is trying to read the scriptures every day, the whole deal!! She is a better Mormon already than I was when I was home...hahah. I love how sincere she is. Totally golden investigator but it's fine :)

As weird and crazy as this week was, it was SO much fun. My companion is the best. There is so much to do here and the work is really good.

Fuuuun facts!
-Luleå has broken their snow record as of last week! This is the most snow they have had since like 1966 or something. This is a real Norrland winter, that is for sure :)
-I got asked if I was Norwegian this week. #score
-Swedish Valentine's Day is called Alla hjärtans dag!! Hope you all have a loooovely holiday :);)

Have a good week everyone!!!! :)

<3 Erin

Someone shoveling snow off of the ROOF!
Such darling Swedish girls!

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