Monday, April 6, 2015

Glad Påsk!!

THIS is the reason Erin needs to be in Sweden right now.
Hi everyone!! Happy Easter and General Conference weekend!! :) I have had such a fun week and a sad week and everything just rolled into one. But it's been good :)

The first part of the week was full of goodbyes! Syster Maxwell and I visited basically every member in the ward so she could say bye. I probably gained 30 pounds from how much food we ate. Haha it was so much fun! We also got to meet with our investigator Kim, who I just like to call "Golden". Haha! She had talked to us on Monday at FHE and said she really needed to tell us something, but we ran out of time. We met Wednesday morning before Maxwell left, and she described how she had been doing what we had asked and praying about Joseph Smith. She said that every time she tried to ask if he was a prophet in her prayers, she felt this overwhelming feeling and started crying. It had happened a couple times and it made her wonder, so she messaged a member on Facebook to ask what was happening. The member told her about the Holy Ghost and how it works, and that she was receiving her answer. I was so excited!! We asked Kim if she believed Joseph Smith was a prophet, and she answered with a resounding "YES!". Like okay. I just love her. I love the Holy Ghost. I am so excited to keep working with her!!
Syster Maxwell saying goodbye to the Holmdahls.
After our lesson with Kim, we drove down with the Hawleys to drop her off at Stockholm's central station. I was so sad. The whole car ride down, I tried to put myself in Maxwell's shoes and watch the Swedish countryside go by for the last brain was just like  "Oh no no no oh my gosh I am never going home. I never want to leave this country. Never never never." Haha even when it's dead and trying to burst into spring, it's beautiful here! I was sooooooo sad to say bye to Maxwell. But I'm sure she is having too much fun at home :)

Erin & Syster King
After saying bye, we picked up Syster King! She is SO cute! She is from Montana and is a real cowgirl from a ranch :) My dad grew up on a farm, so I know about half of what she talks about, like branding cows and roping and stuff...Haha it's so fun to be with someone who has such a different background from me. She even has ropes that she is going to teach me how to use ;) We also went to BYU at the same time, so we have a ton to talk about. I love being her companion!

We have had a busy week since King has been here, and it is about to get busier. But we both agree that the best part of the week was conference :) I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE! I always learn so much. I absolutely loved Wilford W. Andersen's talk and President Uchtdorf's talk from the Priesthood session (yes we totally went and watched. hahah). Every single talk was so inspiring! I felt super blessed. Every question I had written down before General Conference was answered. We have one more session to watch tonight because of the time difference, and I can't wait :) Our investigator, Sireh, also came and watched a session with us! The first time I watched a session all the way through was like October 2013, and even then I probably fell asleep...haha. So Sireh is already better than me! She said she really enjoyed it :)

Next week is going to be full of traveling, but we have already had a ton of people text and call us to make appointments...that never happens. I just feel extra blessed this week. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here!!! :)

Love you guys!! Have a great week!!!!
Påskris (Easter trees)
Watching Conference with our families. Hahaha!
Erin & cute Alice

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