Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's 2015!! Gott Nytt År till er alla!! I honestly can't believe it! I still think 2013 sounds futuristic. Haha.

This week was super fun. We had lessons and tracted a lot at the beginning of the week, and the party really started on New Year's Eve :) We were invited to a member's house for a party, and they invited a ton of other people from the branch. We played party games and ate dinner and had a lot of fun. Swedes light sparklers on New Years, and LOOOVE fireworks. Around 10, we shot off fireworks from the house we were at, then drove into Luleå to watch the giant firework show the city puts on. It was aaaaaaamazing. It has been really super cold up here, so the ocean has frozen over. The fireworks get shot off from the middle of the ocean and it is SOOOOO cool. I felt like I was home at the Stadium of Fire. :)

The clock started getting closer to midnight and we were all counting down in Swedish and I just had a little moment. I am so lucky that I get to spend the majority of this year doing exactly what the Lord wants me to. What a huge blessing! I just couldn't believe I was in Sweden, spending the New Year, counting in a different language, actually understanding everything that was said to me, and having the time of my life! A year ago I would have never guessed that this is where I would be. I am so so so so so so SO grateful to be a missionary in my second favorite country in the whole world (America still has my <3). :) I LOVE THIS PLACE! Being a missionary has been my biggest blessing in 2014. I have changed so much for the better and I have gotten to help people in ways I never imagined possible. Can I just spend every New Year in Sweden? Anyway, it turned to 2015, and we all yelled "SKÅL" (cheers) and drank some apple cider and hugged each other. :) I am so ridiculously excited for this year. Stetler and I made some New Year's Resolutions:
-Exercise better (we are starting that one...tomorrow haha)
-Eat better (that's why we ate all of the Christmas candy we had before New Years of course)
-Take less selfies (sorry everyone we just can't help it)
-Be worthy of a Crest commercial (Stetler is brushing her teeth every spare second and I am using a whitening kit)

And last but not least, FUN FACTS (I have really slacked on these my bad):
-People keep trying to feed me pickled herring (called sill). Over it. Christmas is over, everyone. No need for weirdo fish.
-We are getting another greenie here in Luleå! My greenie is so old. I am halfway done training!
-Investigators are fun. We taught one lady today who has a super hard time praying because she can't hear her own voice over the voices in her head....
-My investigator who gave me a Quran found my blog and asked how some of our old investigators he read about were doing. Hahah. Shout out to Abood if you are reading this. ;)
-We had the BEST MOOSE EVER at the Wirtalas house last Sunday. It was seriously like top 3 favorite meals in Sweden. I love moose. Who knew? You eat it with potatoes and butter and broccoli and it is sooooo good.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Have an awesome week! I have a normal pday on Monday this week, so I will talk to you all then :) xoxoxox!

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