Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Weekend!

This one is going to be short because I talked to you guys like....2 days ago. And I have no pictures. Sorry!! But next week will be better :)

Saturday and Sunday were both really good! Saturday was an all-contacting and tracting day. Wooo. Love those. We decided to do a swing-by in a place called Gammelstad, and prayed about where we should tract. The first building we tried, one lady told us to come back, and another let us in! I almost died. I think that is maybe the second time that has ever happened on my entire mission, and I have been out 8 months. And tracted a lot. It was super cool! We had a lesson on the Book of Mormon with this cute lady, and at the end she told us she "wasn't so hot on the Mormon way of life", but we could come back anytime if we were in the neighborhood to warm our feet. Haha. I love people. Super cool though! The Spirit really does guide when you ask!

Sunday was great. :) We had an investigator at church named Marina. She thought church was kind of weird, especially with testimony meeting...but she came! That was good! Haha. Sometimes I forget how much of a different culture we have in the Church. You have to be a member to really understand all of the church-speak. EFY, LDS, YW, YM, etc etc etc. But the focus is all on Jesus Christ, and that is what's important! :)

This morning we helped a couple in the ward move with the elders and now it's 4 pm and completely dark. Oh this country. Haha! But I am excited for this next week and just to see what happens :)

LOVE YOU ALL!! Have an awesome week :)
xoxoxo Erin

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