Monday, January 19, 2015

Chilling in the Woods

Dear everyone,

It was a good week! We traveled a lot and had a lot of fun. I am trying to think of all the good things that happened....I discovered the best milkshake in the whole world, we got blåsted a ton (you always get good stories from that), we got kissed on the cheek by our cute old lady investigator named Barbara at least 4 times, and I learned lots of things from Jesus The Christ. So it was cool.

Singing in the Swedish jeans!!
We went to Umeå (4 hour train ride there, 5 hour bus ride me a champ) and had zone training this week! I just love being around other missionaries. We started zone training in our jeans in the woods (I miss lucky people), building fires and talking about survival skills and missionary work. It was kind of surreal to be chilling in the woods in Sweden...afterwards we ran across the frozen ocean to get back to the car and I loved my life. I live in the coolest country ever (literally haha).

The Norrland Zone
The Tolleys (a senior couple) are here again to take us to the Arctic Circle tomorrow with the STLs from Uppsala! :) They came to church with us and we all made dinner together after. I love being taken care of!!! Everyone should be a senior missionary. For reals. Elder Tolley told the most amazing story at zone training about his son who served a mission in Slovakia. Sometimes, I am not very good about counting my blessings about being in Sweden...I could be in Slovakia! Life isn't that bad! Their branch had one member, who eventually went inactive. They knocked doors morning to night and never saw success. The missionary said he went through his own personal Gethsemane, but came out so much stronger and confident in the gospel. I loved that! You can get positive things out of every single experience, no matter what it is.

Erin getting 6 inches cut off her hair. First haircut in Sweden. Thank you Sister Tolley! 

So, I know this has been the lamest email many apologies. I am trying to think of good fun facts to make up for it. And I promise that I will have more fun things to talk about next week!

Fun Facts:
-Everyone says yes by sucking in air loudly here. I don't know how to explain it.... Like "Are you leaving?" "*big suck of air*" "Oh okay bye!" It's a Norrland thing and it's cool and I do it now. #poser
-Missions turn you into the healthiest eater...All I eat is kale and brussel sprouts and spinach. (And Swedish chocolate....but that doesn't count)
-When Stetler and I came out of church at 2:45 on Sunday and it wasn't pitch black outside, we almost cried. It is getting lighter people!!!! We will survive!!
-Speaking of, the apartment couple brought us something called a happy light that the mission is trying out. If you put it on while you are studying, it makes serotonin in your body that you get from the sun. My mood has been drastically better as of late. Haha!

Okay love you all!!! Have a good week!!
xoxoox Erin

A very empty fridge. It was Saturday!
Syster Mod and Syster Stetler----love these cute missionaries!!

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  1. My happy light saved my life when we lived in Seattle and it only was dark by 4:30 p.m. I feel her pain!