Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Good Week :)

People use these sleds to get around.
Hi everyone!

It was one of those weeks where you didn't realize how good it was until you are talking to your mission leader and you keep going on and on and on about new and progressing investigators...Yay life!!! Yay world! Yay LuleƄ!!! Now we're really in business :)

We have been calling old investigators and potential investigators all week who said to call them after the New Years, and it. has. worked. We dropped by people and they let us in, we got referrals from church headquarters, we got let in two more times when we were tracting again, we were able to call so many ok. #blessings

We met with the cutest Chinese family, the Hus, and they started reading the Book of Mormon over the holidays! They don't come from much of a Christian background, so we got to really explain the role of Jesus Christ this week. I know I say this all the time, but I am so grateful for Him. I love telling people about what He did for us! It's the coolest part of my job!

Henrik came to church and made a plan to follow the Word of Wisdom by his baptismal date!!! I think Syster Stetler almost died of excitement when he walked in the doors at church. Hahah soo much good is happening there! He is just progressing like nobody's business. It has been awesome to watch.

One of my favorite non-success things that happened this week was one of the lessons we had while tracting. A lady was so insistent on telling us that we were brainwashed and had no choices and had no idea what the real world was and that we lived in a program....I kind of just wanted to be like "Lady. I am in a foreign country. I learned a different language. I have not talked to my family face to face in almost 9 months. I never get a day off. Do you really think I would do this just to follow a program??" Hahah. A mission is hard, and you don't do it just because. You do it because you love the gospel and your Heavenly Father!! And I love both of those things!! I learned a lot from that lesson, probably a lot more than the investigator... :)

Fun facts: 
-We are going to the Arctic Circle and Jokkmokk on the 20th and I am SO excited. Who gets to go to the Arctic Circle twice in their life?!?! Oh me me me me me!!!!! :) (Sorry for bragging...but I can't help it. It's the only exciting thing in my life right now. Haha!)
-I can make an amazing Swedish meatball dinner now. My mom would be proud.
-I figured out today that I have a song memorized that I never heard before my mission from listening to it every time we are on a bus. I guess that is one way to keep up with pop culture.
-How a text conversation went with a less active this week:
"Hey sisters, I am in Kemi, Finland this week for work, so I won't be able to make it to church."
"Fun!! Did you know there is a church there that you can go to? The address is duhduhduhwhatever."
"Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Changing lives here people, one at a time. Hahah.

Love you all!! Have a great week!!
Syster Mod

This picture shows the cute town. I love it!

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