Monday, September 29, 2014

Halmstad Week 1!

New companions!
Hi everyone! I hope you all are good! I am here and alive in Halmstad:) It is great! My new companion is Syster Dawson. She is from Cedar City, UT, and goes home in December! We have had sooo much fun together. She is so genuine and a crazy hard worker. Love her! Everyone here, including Syster Dawson and the ward, has been so welcoming to me! I already love it :) The only issue is the is a lot different here than it was in Gävle. No one can understand me because I have Norrland Swedish, and I can't understand them because they have a little bit of Skånish Swedish, which sounds like Danish. Oh the joys of this country! You just gotta love it ;) #relearningswedish

Leaving Gävle and Syster Ludwig on Wednesday was so sad! I miss that branch and Syster Ludwig so much already! It is crazy how you can feel like people are family in such a short amount of time. We left the elders with a packed schedule and lots of investigators, so that felt good. :)

It has been rainy and cloudy ever since I came to Halmstad, but it is still warmer than Gävle. Haha! We live a 5 minute walk from a big bakery, so the air always smells like fresh bread and cinnamon rolls. AKA we live in heaven. :) The town is little and cute and has awesome shopping, so there is really nothing else a girl needs in life;) When I first got here, we didn't have a phone...#stoneages Haha it had broken the week before and was waiting to get shipped to us! Let me tell you people. Life is not impossible without a phone. It kinda really sucks, but you live anyway. Just in case you were wondering;)

Our investigators are great!! We have 2 with baptismal dates later in the year and quite a few other investigators progressing. One of my favorite investigators that I have met is Trang! She is from Vietnam, and you pronounce her name like Chang. She married a Swede and moved to Halmstad a couple of years ago! Trang is amazing at English and loves to talk. A lot. Haha I LOVE her! She adores the Book of Mormon. Seriously loves it! Every time we go over, she says the opening and closing prayers without ever being asked. Then we read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and she just dies over it! We read Jacob 3 with her and she thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Trang believes in Jesus, Buddha, and a whole bunch of other things, but she loves Jesus. And we do too so it works:) She made us the most amazing Vietnamese vegan food on Saturday! Sushi and peanut sauce and vegetables and happiness:) She is so sweet and made me feel right at home when I got here! Syster Dawson and I are going to try to be vegetarian this week because of her. Wish me luck (cause I am gonna really need it...haha)!

It has just been a super good week. I got all 3 of my crazy big suitcases across a country on trains with no problems, we got banana chicken curry pizza again, we had an investigator and her son come to church, I gave a little talk in Swedish at church and didn't die/pass out, etc etc :) Blessings!! I love being a missionary!

Facts of Sweden:
-Gypsies exist. Don't give them money if you can see an iPhone in their pocket. Haha!:)
-Halmstad has the prettiest library EVER. It is made of glass and hangs over a river that goes straight to the ocean. Libraries are like a huge deal in Sweden. We meet there all the time to teach people!
-The ward here has around 20 active members. This is a big change for this Utah born and bred girl. Where are the other 500 members of the ward?:)

Love you all!! Xoxox miss you and have a great week!
Syster Modersitzki

Beautiful Syster Mod at a bus stop

At a church in Halmstad...with Book of Mormon in hand!

Having fun!

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