Monday, September 22, 2014

The Day Syster Mod Leaves Gävle

All of the missionary emails I got this week from friends: "Ahh! It is getting so cold! I am over it. I do not want winter to start!"
Me: "Lol guys, been wearing a coat since August, get on Sweden's level" ;)
Just so you all know, it is still cold. I am buying tights. And I got a huge, puffy winter coat. I am more than ready for a real Swedish winter :)

But anyway! Where do I even start this week!? I guess the biggest news is that I am transferring to Halmstad! Halmstad is a little beach town on the west coast of Sweden. It is supposed to be absolutely beautiful, and I am so excited. There are a lot of good things going on there right now! I am also really excited to go to the southern part of Sweden, because it is warmer. Granted I still live in Sweden...but the more south the better. Haha! It feels so weird to be transferring....A mission seriously does fly by. Next week, I hit my 5 month mark. Can anyone believe that I have been gone 5 months? It does not feel real. How can I possibly be leaving my greenie area already?! Where is my whole mission going!!?? Ahh!! I just have to do every Swedish thing possible in the next year. It's a big bucket list :)
Taking the train
These are the trains we take everywhere

Syster Ludwig is also getting transferred (for her last 3 weeks. What!?) to Västra Frölunda. Which means they are pulling sisters out of Gävle :( The whole branch is so sad, and I am too. Gävle is the best. I think I would be great with staying here forever. But we have had an awesome last week together, and have lots of investigators for the elders, who are taking over our area! I guess if we have to end, at least it is on a good note:) I am going to miss this branch so much though! Gävle absolutely feels like home. I know this town like the back of my hand:) The people are so amazing here and I just can't imagine a better area to start my mission.

We were counting yesterday, and in the past 3 weeks we have been together, Syster Ludwig and I have found 8 new investigators. We also have a ton of phone numbers and addresses for the elders to call and go by for potential investigators. We have had the best time together and I love it! I have also never taught the Restoration so much in my life. I think it is so fun to teach. Africans love it, Swedes look at you like you are absolutely insane, and people with a Muslim background are just like "Bro. Have you heard of Muhammed." Haha :)

We have one investigator named Bobsoa who I think is the greatest person ever. He is going to university right now in Gävle, and is from Sierra Leone in Africa. We have had a couple lessons with him, and he has come to church once. He loves telling his friends about us, and every time we leave after a lesson he is like "Go preach the word of God!". He has given us 3 referrals, who are all super positive, awesome guys. The moral of the story is go give the missionaries a referral. They will absolutely love you. :)

Things that are fun this week:
-We are bringing the Canadians with us to a real Swedish dinner tonight at the Sjökvist's, one of my favorite families in the branch. I hope the Sjökvists make them try salted black licorice too. #ew
-I am obsessed with herbal tea now. There is this blueberry tea here that I'm pretty sure could heal every sickness in the world it is so healthy and yummy. (Maybe not on the healing thing with the amount of sugar and honey I put in it, but you know whatever)
-A member told Syster Ludwig and I that you can tell if people like family history by a look in their eye. "Syster Mod, you are just going to be a great mom here on earth and do lots of things for people here, but you don't like family history. Syster Ludwig, you are saving people on the other side." Last time I checked I enjoyed family history, but apparently I need some help. Haha!:)

I love you all sooooooooooooo much and miss you lots! Have a good week!
Lots of love,
Syster Mod who is heading to the beach :)

Erin with one of her favorite people in Gävle, Annicka.

Saying goodbye to Carina.

Lots of lingonberries!
Lingonberry fields? I'm not sure what to call them.


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