Monday, September 8, 2014

A New Companion!

Hi hi hiiiii! I hope you all are well. I haven't had to wear a coat 3 days out of 7 this week, so I am on cloud 9! This is what my world has come to. I am going to freeze come October.
But anyway:)
Syster Mod and Syster Ludwig--brand new companions
I have a new companion and she is probably the cutest person I have ever met. Picture the red head from Frozen with insanely good Swedish and missionary skills up the wall, and you have Syster Ludwig. (Her hair is kind of more brown than red, but what do you do? And she hasn't even seen Frozen. #missionaryprobs) For reals though I love her! She is from Orem and went to UVU, so we have a lot to talk about. We even figured out that we order the same thing at Zupa's. (PS-if anyone can figure out a way to send Zupa's chicken enchilada chili, we will gladly pay you back with a virtual email hug.) She has made the transition so easy and is so fun to be around. We get along super well and I just feel blessed:) Huge s/o to the Big Guy Upstairs cause he really knows what he is doing!

With Syster Anderson
I also got to go on splits with Syster Anderson this week! It was so fun. She is super darling and so funny! And also really talented at Swedish, just like everyone else here. We talked about diligence and how the sister missionaries here tend to run themselves into the ground with how hard they work. All I can say is that I definitely came to the right mission! I know I am going to be one of the annoying RMs when I come home who can't sit still and needs something to do all. the. time. I really like it that way :)
This week has been pretty hard with finding. I am realizing just how uninterested Swedes are in religion. But that also just means they need God more and I have a good message about that:) I know with all of my heart that we are going to find people that need the gospel. That's why we are here! We have been thinking about starting both an English class and a Swedish class at church as a finding idea. Who ever thought that I would be teaching people languages? Not me!! I LOVE THE GIFT OF TONGUES YOU GUYS. It's the realest. Promise.
Wellllll the field is white and I am freaking ready to harvest. My plan is to, as my dear cousin Ally says, hit the ground running and don't look back! It isn't easy but it is so worth it:)

Facts of Sweden: It's cold, if you haven't got that from my previous emails. gosh darn it.
Everyone has a cat here, and they all want me to hold them. Allergies. I am telling you. They are the worst.
Muslims will most likely giggle at you if you say you believe Jesus was more than a prophet. It happens? But on the bright side, I now have more Muslim friends than I have ever had in my entire life. #diversity
Africans are straight bros. I love them all and I actually think I am one of them.

HAVE A GOOD WEEK EVERYONE! Thanks for remembering little Syster Mod up here in the North Pole:) And pray for the missionaries! Love you all :)
Syster Modersitzki

This is what Erin gets to see. Every single day! Gorgeous!

Last selfie with Syster Hill

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