Monday, September 15, 2014

Your Prayers are Working!

Old Viking boat
Hi everyone! This week was seriously so good. Syster Ludwig showed up in Gävle with a come and conquer idea, and it is woooooorking. I love her so much! She is such a good missionary and really knows how to work hard. Also I got to go to a museum with Viking stuff this week so I really don't know how life can get better. #scandinavia

On Thursday, we got to go down to Stockholm with the northern half of the mission to see Elder Bednar talk. I got to see him in the MTC too, so it was really cool to see him again. He did another Q&A session like I had before, and I learned so much about prayer and God's will! I think that must be a hard concept for every missionary to grasp, because there were a lot of questions on why we pray for things, if us praying for an investigator makes a difference, why we need to ask for things, etc., etc. Needless to say I totally feel the people asking these questions. Haha! One of the best things Elder Bednar said was, "We have to have faith that He can, not that He will." Sometimes that is really hard, especially when you want something so badly, but faith is the most important part:) But it was awesome to see him again and hear him speak! Apostles. I just love 'em:)
In Gubbängen to hear Elder Bednar
With cute Syster Ludwig
 All of our finding efforts this week are paying off in crazy ways! We have given out so many copies of the Book of Mormon....and like 98% of them have been given to Arabic speakers. Haha what? I think I am just going to convert all of the Swedish-Iranian-Iraqis here in Gävle so no one mind Syster Mod. We have also taught a lot of Africans this week, which has been super sick (sick means super cool in teenage-speak). Africans just understand my life....idk. We had 2 investigators come to church (including Olle!) and a lot of new people say they were interested in meeting. We've been getting awesome referrals, having super great contacts....Syster Ludwig and I are honestly blown away. Thaaaanks for all the prayers you guys, they are doing good stuff :)
We have done a lot of contacting to get to this point with investigators, and lots of contacting = lots and lots of stories....hahah. Note for everyone: If you are ever just casually tracting and hear a bunch of banging on a door before it opens, do not assume it is just the little kids that live there. It could be a very drunk, high lady who couldn't figure out how to get her lock open. When she opens the door, hand her a pass-along card and run. Hahah oh the good times. #memories ...#thesepeopleneedjesus
Things that are fun here in Sverige:
-Everything is pear flavored here, and it kind of rocks. I had a pear juice box this week and it was way too good.
-There is a word in Swedish that means you just don't have the energy/willpower to do something (orka). Jag orkar inte alls means I really am not feeling that, so I am not going to do it. Hahah I was surprised we didn't have a word for that in English. 
-Curry and banana and chicken all on a pizza. I give it a 7/10.

I love you all! Thanks for everything :) Have a great week!!
xoxoxo Syster Mod

Lingonberries everywhere!
"Someone tried really hard to spell Sweden...we can't win them all."
I can't get enough of this.
"My name in an old Swedish thing. It means 'recalling'...... k."

"We picked apples off a tree and ate them. I love this country."

"Why not?"

Some of the sister missionaries at the conference in Stockholm to hear Elder Bednar.

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