Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall is Here!

Hiiiii! Can anyone believe it is October? Time FLIES. I feel like missionaries are always counting long they have been out, how long they have been in the mission field, how long they have left...we were talking to the elders in Helsingborg last night, and they have been counting how long it has been since they last kissed a girl...obviously elders and sisters are a little different. Haha! #nodatingforme

So remember how Syster Dawson and I became vegetarians for a week because of our cute investigator Trang? I am happy to report that I am not withering away and it was super fun:) I even ate brussel sprouts this week. What's worse is I liked them! We made homemade sushi and ate vegan substitute chicken (don't ask me what is in it because I don't know). Just call me a granola :)

We made this!!
 Speaking of Trang, we have had such a good week teaching her! It has been kind of hard to set a dop date (baptismal date....dop is Swedish and it is a lot more fun to say than baptism) with her, and this week we have been trying to figure out why and how we can help her. Trang has a few theories that are ...out there, such as aliens and enlightenment and so on and so forth, and she opened up and told us all about them. She was scared to get the Holy Ghost because she thought it might be an alien taking over her brain, etc etc. During that lesson, the only thing going through my head was, "I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY SO MUCH!" You just don't get these experiences anywhere else. :) We have explained a lot and the Holy Ghost has really helped her understand the principles we are teaching. We taught about the Atonement this week as well, and it was amazing. I had no idea that is was a foreign concept for some people! Christ really did love us enough to die for our sins. He made everything we do now possible.

This weekend was AWESOME with Conference! Saturday was Sweden's national cinnamon roll day, so we grabbed some cinnamon rolls from a bakery with an investigator and headed to the church to watch Conference:) The ward set up one room with Conference in English and one room for the Swedish translation. Most of the ward watched it in English....everyone in Europe is so good at languages. What the heck. I loved Conference so much and learned a ton! We are so blessed to hear from our prophet and apostles every six months:) I loved all of the talks on the sacrament and Elder Robbins talk in one of the Saturday sessions! But really, I just loved it all. Doesn't get better than that:)

Syster Mod and Syster Dawson watching General Conference in the English room.

Facts of Sweden:
-bikes get stolen. it's fine. i didn't need it anyway....oh wait.
-when Swedes get drunk, they get REALLY drunk. and that is the only time they are loud. haha!
-fall is BEAUTIFUL!

Love you all!!! Have a great week!!
xoxoxo Syster Mod

Reading books between Conference sessions.

It must be a great book! Their faces are adorable!

Little Lukas was at Conference too. He is the sweetest baby!

Making cookies and then the oven door falls off! What?
Beautiful Halmstad.

It's definitely fall.
Halmstad at night.

This is a castle in Helsingborg, where we have district meeting every week!

Doing dishes = daily grind. :)

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