Monday, October 13, 2014

jag ska till luleå! (I'm going to Luleå!)

Hi everyone! This week was just proof of why I like missions so much. You never know what is going to happen! It has been a fun three weeks in Halmstad, but I am transferring again to LULEÅ this week! I am so glad I got to experience the south for a little bit before going up to the freezing north :) Luleå is the furthest north city in Sweden that has missionaries...I am so stoked :) Um hi real Swedish winter. I checked the weather forecast for this week up there, and it is already supposed to snow twice...One of my other companions, Syster Ludwig, was there for 5 months during winter, and she told me all about the Arctic Circle and driving on a bridge made out of ice (and having a car!!). I could not be more excited. If you are gonna live in Sweden during the winter, live in REAL Sweden ;)
But. I am so sad to be leaving Halmstad! I absolutely loved my time here, and was expecting to stay for a lot longer. The ward is so cool and our investigators are the best. I will especially miss Trang more than anything! She says she feels like my mom, telling me to eat better and be more ethically aware of the animals. Haha I think I am a converted vegan! Not a strict one (example A--we had a ward party on Sunday and I totally ate meatballs and loved it), but still :) I am so grateful I was able to meet her! She and her husband are the best. Her husband, Lasse, prayed for the first time ever yesterday when we ate at their house! It was cool. I love these people :)
Eating healthy at Trang's house :)
This week has just been crazy trying to squeeze all the goodbyes in. I am so sad I did not get to know these people super well! I wish I could have stayed for longer. However, on the (kind of) bright side, Syster Dawson is transferring out with me as well! They are putting elders here instead. And Dawson will be training in Gävle, my greenie area!! It has been so fun to tell her about everyone there and how much she will love it. She will be an awesome trainer :)

Life is so good! I will let you guys know how I am doing in the literal North Pole next week :) #hejSanta

-Last Tuesday, we were in Helsingborg for district meeting. There was a huge world fair out in the town selling all different kinds of food (but not American...the heck. I guess McDonald's cuts it for Europeans). Our entire district split a kangaroo burger from Australia, just to try it! Verdict: It tasted like beef jerky, and I really am a terrible vegan. Haha!

-I am an awesome packer now...3 areas in less than 6 months. Holla.
-Taking a night train to Luleå. IT IS THE POLAR EXPRESS PEOPLE <3<3<3
and s/o to McCall getting home!! Way to beeee ex-Soeur Mod :) And then there were 3 Sister Mods... :)

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Have an awesome week!
xoxox Syster Mod i Sverige

In Helsingborg with her district

In Helsingborg---Denmark is just past the fog line! They are so close!

Syster Dawson and Syster Mod. Only companions for three weeks. :(

Such cute sister missionaries!

Americans think this is so funny. Utfart= exit, Infart = entry. At least that's what Google Translate says. :)
Some of the amazing members that Erin will miss!

One last dinner at the Lindahl's before they leave. They are treated so well in Halmstad!

Trang even painted Erin's nails. See? Spoiled! :)
Erin at Tylösand. Beautiful beaches and a beautiful girl.

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