Monday, October 27, 2014

Arctic Circle :)

Hejsan hejsan hejsaaaan!  (Hello hello hellooooo!)

This week was soooooo great. Our investigators are doing super awesome! We were able to meet with Ehsan, our investigator with the baptismal date. He loves learning more about the gospel, and it's been cool to see. We taught the Plan of Salvation with little pictures and everything! When he saw me pull out the pictures, he was like "Oh my gosh, we are learning like children." Then after, he thanked me because the pictures helped explain a lot. Chalk one up to Primary, the people in charge know what they are doing ;)

We met with this darling Iranian family last week,and they are super interested. The only issue is a super huge giant language barrier. The kids can speak a little bit of Swedish, but they all speak Persian and some language that sounds like Persian...Honestly, if they would have taught me Persian or Arabic in the MTC, I would have been just fine getting around Sweden. People from Iraq and Iran move here like kids following an ice cream truck. All of them really hate snow though, so I am not sure why they live in the North Pole... :) We had a translator help us over the phone to teach the family about the Book of Mormon. They said that even though they can't understand us, they feel something really different and good when we come. The mom said that when we prayed, she felt something strongly. *holla at the Holy Ghost* but really! It is so cool to hear things like that! Muslims are usually pretty firm in their religion, but this family is willing to change if they find out the Book of Mormon is true. I love that!! I love Iranians! And I wish I could speak Persian so bad!

On Thursday, I kind of had the coolest day of my whole mission. The senior couple in charge of the apartments, the Tolleys, invited us on a little road trip with Luleå elders. Elder Tolley served in Luleå as well when he was a missionary here in Sweden, so he wanted to go reminisce about a few of his mission memories. We went to a little town called Morjärv, where Elder Tolley spent a few days as a missionary, and looked around while he told us stories of being there. Then we went all the way to the ARCTIC CIRCLE! It was the best :) We saw reindeer and a moose on the way. One of the elders even fed the moose an apple! It was SOOOO cool. Now all I have left of my bucket list is see the Northern Lights and meet Santa (he obviously lives here. I mean, it feels like the North Pole for crying out loud) :) I love being here in Luleå!!!!!! This is seriously the coolest experience I have ever had. Ever. I feel so cultured now :) and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Syster Bolton, Syster Mod, the Tolleys, Äldste Allsop & Äldste Archibald

 Facts of Sweden:
-If you are fed pasta, lasagne, or anything with tomato-ish ingredients, Swedes will likely get out ketchup for you to put on top. We can't tell if they do that because they think Americans just like ketchup, or if they actually like it themselves. Either way, it is actually super good. Haha!
-We have a conference in Stockholm tomorrow,and we get to FLY down. I am so happy:) No more night trains for me, thank you very much!
-Happy 6 months to me this week!!! Most elders celebrate their 6 months by burning a tie, so I thought I would burn tights or something...until I got transferred to Luleå. I am def going to wear them instead. :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Thanks for all of the love this week :) Ha det braaaa! (Have a good one!)
xoxoxoxox Syster Mod
Looking for Santa...
Still looking....

You'll probably never see this happen again.
"Yeah. It walked away right as I tried to take a picture with it. At least we will remember the bum? Freaking mooses." Hahaha!

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