Monday, October 5, 2015

Castles and Conference

Erin needs a library just like this one. No problem! Ha!
HELLOOOO everyone!! :)

Well what a good good good week. Conference weekends literally feel like Christmas on the mission.... I have been looking forward to this for so long!

On Monday, we went to this super cool castle called Drottningholm. Apparently it was one of the Queen's many castles that she had around Sweden just for her. Every time I visit a castle, I am convinced I was born in the wrong era. I was meant to live in gold decorations and amazing libraries! With gardens! Haha but it was so fun. That night, we contacted our lives away (pday ends at 6pm), and ended up in the prettiest place I have seen for a long time. It's called Gröndal, which means Green Valley. It was dark, and we hiked up this little rock thing in our skirts and found the most amazing view of Stockholm I have ever seen. There was a boat on the ocean, and tons of bridges overlapping each other to get to the different islands that make up the city. The lights were amazing... I have been having lots of these moments lately, but I was just completely in awe of where I am and what I am doing. I am SO lucky to live in the most beautiful place
Look. At. This. Wow!
in the world. Maybe not lucky, but blessed :) My heart will absolutely stay here when I leave!
The rest of the week has just been typical and it makes me so happy because typical missionary weeks are unlike anything else :) We ran into a guy who was like, "Oh, the Mormons, I'm actually a member. Where is the church?". Haha. Reactivation is my jam. We also taught an interesting lesson to two guys in a park....We got there as planned and sat down, and they pulled out like 3 grocery sacks of alcohol. "Do you guys mind if we drink while you teach us?" Syster Mecham and I: " kinda...." haha but they drank and heard the good word of God. I think the alcohol may have been a little bit louder than us unfortunately....haha.

Oh and George!! He passed his baptismal interview and the 10th is totally happening! He is the coolest. He is way excited to be a member. He went to the Priesthood session with the elders and a of couple members and just loved it. Conference just gets to ya :)

Buuuuuut CONFERENCE!!! Can we talk about how good that was!?! I really don't believe I could love Conference more. We watched it in Gubbängen with a bunch of other missionaries and members and I loved it :) I still have the Sunday afternoon session to watch so there is still good happening! My favorite talk was Elder Lawrence, but who can even choose a favorite....It made me sad to see President Monson struggle. That was hard. But I am so excited about the three new apostles!! Elder Renlund served his mission in Sweden so hollaaaaaaa :)

We watched the Sunday morning session live (it was 6 pm here), and the Woods (a senior couple in our ward) invited us and a few members and investigators over to watch and eat Hawaiian Haystacks. My literal happy place...haha it was perfect. I felt so at home sitting on a couch and eating and it made me so happy :) You really feel so taken care of as a missionary. People love you no matter what!
Godis. Yum!
Swedish fun facts--
-Elder Renlund's last name is Swedish for sure, and it means Reindeer Grove, or Clean Grove depending on how you translate it. I don't know why I have laughed so much about this but I have. Hahah
-Salmon is my new favorite food. We eat it so much here.....
-Conference godis are totally a thing. Me and Syster Mecham got a little over half a kilo of godis to eat during conference, which are just the best treats in the world. It was embarrassing. But they are so good! All sorts of candy and gummy things and chocolate and mmm mmm mmm!!! Haha we still have SO much candy left. It is ridiculous.

Loooooove you guys!! Have a great week!
xoxox Syster Erin Mod

The Hägersten missionaries
Erin's zone at the castle. Fun!

Love these girls!
Watching Conference
Celebrating 17 months in the mission!