Monday, October 12, 2015


At George's baptism
Hallå hallå hallå!!! :)

I would like to begin with a story that describes my life right now....hahaha this has been the greatest week ever. So. The zone leaders called us on Saturday night and were like "Hey sisters. We have something for you." One of them started banging on this pot thing and all we could hear were the big loud noises, and when they were done, they said "There is your fram-gong!!" It took me a minute (haha everything does) but the word for success in Swedish is framgång, which is pronounced like fram-gong. So they rang a fram-gong for us. Hahahahhahaha we DIED. We had them ring it several more times and we felt gooooood. Success!!! A successful week!!

We started the week with a member dinner with the Garcias, who are from Spain and Peru. She tried to speak to us in Spanish, and I understand like when, what, how, why, where and because in Spanish, so I got like 2% of what she said to us...hahah but I was way proud of that 2%! About half of this ward speaks Spanish. I really should have taken that in high school, but oh was so fun though. Hägersten is such a melting pot and it is so cool to experience so many different cultures. I really love how everyone just respects and loves each other here. We were on the tunnelbana (metro) with a bag of flour that was spilling all over my black jacket (we forgot we didn't have any and needed to make cookies), and a Muslim lady who we later found out is a refugee from Syria took her plastic bag that she was carrying and just handed it to me. Little things like that happen all the time. It doesn't matter what religion or race or anything you are, just as long as you are a kind person :)

We visited a Swedish member, Åsa, and her daughter, Rekell, and alllllll they talked about with us was Prom and Homecoming and fun things we do in America! Rekell is 15 so she is all about the fun dresses and sparkles and jewelry, and she LOVES the idea of prom. I'm 20, and I still love the fun dresses and sparkles and jewelry.....hahah so we got along well. I promised I would get her a prom date if she ever comes to Utah so Lone Peak boys line up! ;) Also s/o to my sister Paige for looking super babe in her Homecoming pics!! ;)

At the Stockholm temple
We saw lots of really cool things this week. We got to go to the temple, which I just love. Every time I walk in, I just feel like I'm in Provo. It is so homey! Until people start speaking to me in Norwegian. Hahah. But the temple was awesome! We also got to have district meeting in the viking graveyard which is like a 15 minute walk from the temple. It was freezing cold but I was surrounded by my people and ancestors so I was happy ;) 
Aaaaaand WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! George is just the best best best. He was SO happy at his baptism and it could not have gone more smoothly. Everything got fixed, a bunch of people came, and he even brought another friend named George to watch. So cool!! I asked him how he felt after, and he just said, "Better." He really gets it. He was confirmed yesterday and gave a talk as well! Talk about baptism by fire!! He talked about his thoughts from Conference and did super awesome. He is a really great example to me and I am so excited to see what he does in the Church in the future. Facebook is the best invention :)
At George's baptism
I gave a talk on Sunday too, and we had a dinner with the whole ward after church made by the coolest Ukranian member. It was this beet soup with hummus and just YUM. I love trying new things!!! I just wish I could describe how much I love Swedes (and adopted Swedes. Haha!)....They are the BEST people in the universe. I want to move them all to Highland!!

So yeah. Awesome week :) We taught a lot and I really felt Heavenly Father guiding us to be in the right place at the right time! Being a missionary is just too fun.

Swedish fun facts:
-Eating at IKEA: literally the best thing in the world. I love the salmon they have cafeterias in the IKEAs at home??
-MY BEST SWEDISH FRIENDS MET MY FAM THIS WEEK!! A bunch of my friends from Lund visited my family this week and they are all the best and I love all of those people to pieces. Shout out to them. :)
-I figured out Elder Renlund is half Swedish....things keep getting better and better for him! Haha!

Have a great week!!!
xoxoxoxo Erin

Syster Mod & Syster pretty!!

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