Monday, October 19, 2015

Everyone Should Serve a Mission

Hiiiiiiii everyone!

This week. Oh this week. Haha it was an interesting one....but I think it was exactly what I needed. You can only appreciate the good by knowing the bad, right? ;) Haha no it was actually really good. Nothing went as planned, but the highlights of the week just made life 2324613 times better :)

We went hiking on Monday with a bunch of people in our zone and it was so fun! There are 3 of us that went to Lone Peak here, so we all got together and chatted gossip until everyone else was bored to death. Hahah. So many more people are married than I thought...time flies I guess? Haha!

On Thursday, we had Sisters Conference! I LOVE SISTERS CONFERENCE. Clearly. My favorite day of the week and probably one of my favorite days of the transfer! All of my friends came up and the noise level in the Västerhaninge chapel was ridiculous. Hahah. Syster Beckstrand seriously outdid herself this time. The theme was Frozen, but called "Chozen". We had the funniest workshops....Every stereotype you have ever heard about sisters conference came true here and I loved it. We learned about "Love is an Open Door" (aka finding your eternal companion), "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" (aka building your righteous eternal family), and "Let It Go" (aka forgiveness). Hahahha I was dying. They
were all really cute workshops! I'm the only sister in the mission going home next week (I KNOW freak out coming later), so I got lots of pokes and jabs during all of the classes from everyone around me. I am not planning on building that eternal family anytime soon guys.....hahah it was so funny. Syster Beckstrand talked to us about sisterhood and how we are all going to be sisters forever. If that isn't the truest thing, I don't know what is...I just LOVE my little family here. All of my comps, everyone I've been on splits with, I just love them all! We all got a chance to stand up and talk about what we have gained from our "Swedish sisters." When I stood up, everyone just started bawling....we LOVE each other. We all just really love each other! I can't wait for everyone to get home already...haha Swedish party every single day. Tears were shed saying goodbyes and I'm gonna miss everyone a lot. This is the best mission in the world. No bias, I swear. :)

We watched the Restoration movie with George this week to start going back through the lessons. It was super good! I love that movie. George showed up to church this week with a new suit coat and shirt and was looking snazzy. He is such an awesome guy. Sorry for saying that every week, but it's true...haha the ward just loves him and he is an awesome fellowshipper too!

This week is my last full week as a missionary....I don't know if this year and a half has gone as fast for you guys as it has for me, but it has FLOWN. I can't believe the end of my mission is coming so soon and it is devastating and exciting and I really just don't know how to feel. All I would like to say is that everyone in the whole world should go on a mission because it will be the best blessing they will ever get :) And on another fun note....if you have ever had a desire to email me and just haven't, email me this Monday or forever hold your peace. :) Haha!

Swedish fun facts:
-It's super's supposed to be the coldest winter that Sweden has had in a long time. One was enough for me. Haha
-We are going to have a pumpkin carving pancake party today with all of the missionaries in Stockholm! It should be super fun. They don't celebrate Halloween here, so we gotta go hard or go home. American style, ya know?

xoxoxo Syster Mod

Besties! Sisters King, Powell, Beckstrom & Mod

Syster Selfie
A family photo: Erin trained Syster Stetler, and Syster Stetler trained Syster Jackson. 
That makes Syster Jackson Erin's granddaughter!
Erin and her greenie, Syster Stetler. Love her!!!