Monday, September 28, 2015

I Love Stockholm!

3 Lone Peak grads. Small world! Mecham, Mod & Jensen
This one is gonna be short.....I always run out of time. Always always! Sorry!!

This week was a blast!! I feel like I am actually settled into Hägersten! We have been really busy with lots of good things and it has been a lot of fun.
George is SO awesome. Every time we meet with him, I am blown away by how cool and prepared he is. We brought our ward mission leader on a lesson with us (he loves missionary work) and he and George were talking about how long he has been in the church. Patrik (ward mission leader) joked about how he had been a member for too long, and how he needed to take a break from church. George looked him straight in the eye and said "Haha yeah, too bad there is no half-time here." I died laughing hahah it was PERFECT. George is going to be the most awesome member EVER. He came to church and participated and everyone is getting really excited for his baptism on the 10th! Woohooooo!!!

This ward is so cool....We got fed by two African members this week, one from the Ivory Coast and one from Ghana. I LOVE the African people. Seriously. Their houses just have permanent party atmospheres...haha I feel so at home. We also got fed by a Peruvian member, Latvian members, Swedish members, and went out for lunch and got curry. Stockholm is just a giant melting pot and I think it is the funnest thing. Plus good food...and actually getting fed by members...this whole 4 weeks to fabulous things needs to start #30minutesaday Hahah.

Sweden is sooo pretty!
At church, I led the music, we sang with the Relief Society in sacrament meeting, and I translated Relief Society. We had zone training this week and talked about how Sundays are the most special day of the week, and I am convinced that not only is it special, but it is the most exhausting day of the week! Your brain just melts after 3 hours of making sure everything is taken care of. But I love Sundays. It is so fun to be around people who believe the same thing you do. I took that for granted in Utah, that is for sure... But now I know!

I am SO SO SO excited for conference!!! Everyone send me their thoughts, because I have to talk in sacrament about it on the 11th...haha but yay. I love this church. Matilda (my giiiiirl from Lund) is going to Conference in Utah, so if anyone is there and hears Swedish, say HI! :)

Swedish fun facts:
- If you wanna eat with the missionaries on Sunday but you don't have any food, you can take them to a pizza place. Hahaha. :)
- Swedish chocolate is my favorite thing in the universe. Just saying. They sell it at IKEA so go and try some Marabou!! :)

Sorry for the lamest email ever but I LOVE YOU GUYSSS!!!!! Have the best week!!
xoxoxo Mod

Shopping in Stockholm on PDay!
Syster Mod and Äldste Jensen are from the same home stake and in the same zone!