Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello hello!!

I am emailing from the Hägersten chapel and life is oh so good!! I made it here safe and sound and I really do love it. I miss Lund and Syster Beckstrom SO much, but Hägersten is so different that it can't even be compared. There are not very many native Swedes here...hahah. It's the coolest place. I may leave this area learning Arabic, Persian, Spanish, and Russian! ;) Stockholm is just a giant melting pot and I am really excited to be here.

Syster Mecham & Syster Mod
My new companion is Syster Makenna Mecham from Alpine, Utah! We actually both went to Lone Peak at the same time, but we both had no idea who each other was....hahah. Small world! We have been chatting a ton about all of our mutual friends and the places we love and giving each other directions to our houses. Haha! It has been a lot of fun to be with someone who understands a huge part of my life. She did a semester at BYU, and we celebrated her 7 month mark this week :) I really like being with her and we are going to have a blast this transfer!! We will never run out of things to talk about, that is for sure ;) I could talk about Snoasis for at least 2 hours at a time...hahah.

The ward in Hägersten is about 60 active people, which is a big change from my 100-something in Lund. I really love it though. We get fed about 5 times a week......I have not had that my entire mission. I honestly don't even know what to do with myself. Haha! SO. Much. Food. There are some really wonderful people here that I have met before, and I feel like I am really going to love being here. Church yesterday was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to get to know more people!

Beckstrom & Mod were so sad to leave each other.
Anyway. This week was really good! And sucky at the same time. haha Leaving Lund was SO so so hard!! We had a little get together party with a bunch of the YSAs, including Elin and Matilda, and it was the funnest. We played cards and ate cake and had spiritual moments and I had so much fun. Matilda gave me a little ring with an angel cut out of it because I'm "her angel". I LOVE HER. I know I say that every email, but I really do mean it!! She is one of my best friends and I miss her like crazy. We are going to be friends forever. But the party was definitely one of the best nights I have had in Lund, and I feel SO blessed that I got to be there for 3 months. It wasn't long enough! :)

I moved up here on Wednesday and it was so great to walk into the Stockholm Central Station again! We got to meet all of the greenies and their trainers, and that was awesome. One of them came up to me and was all, "this is SO weird because I totally read your blog before I came...". Hahahah I felt so cool. Blogs bringing the people together <3 After all of that, we went straight to Hägersten and got to work!

We have a super cool investigator named George, who is from Ghana. He lived in Spain for like 10+ years while he played professional soccer, and now he lives here and works a ton. He has an afro and is AWESOME. I really like him. We taught him this week, and he decided he is going to get baptized October 10th! He really is so solid and I am so excited for him. He was sharing all his thoughts in Gospel Principles on Sunday and is just awesome.

We have a ton to do here, lots of less actives and people to go by! The ward list has like.....315 members on record, so we have a LOT to do. I love less active work though, so it's good with me!

Sooooo yeah :) Sorry forever long email haha but it has been a really good week!! I am loving life and I am just ready to party it up in Stockholm!!

Swedish Fun Facts:
-They don't have programs for church just kinda show up and they say what is going to happen. They had a program on Sunday for this ward and I about died of happiness....haha home!!
-Swedes like to dish your food for you....which is so interesting at member meals. You never know how many courses you are going to get. This is one problem I never thought I would have on my mission. Hahaha.

LOVE YOU GUYS! Have a great week!!
xoxox Mod

Saying goodbye to friends in Lund:
The Lund crew.
Szilvia Forró and her son Aron
The Niebuhrs

Welcome to Hägersten!!
Birthday celebration for Äldste Rhoades.

Scenery pics:

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