Monday, December 8, 2014

Tracting for Days

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week :) I keep hearing everyone in Utah still doesn't have snow, so I am going to pray extra hard that God takes all the snow/ice out of Luleå and takes it to Utah. I know, super generous ;) Haha but anyway! This week was super good! 

This was Syster Stetler's first real week as a missionary, so we did what all missionaries who need to find new investigators do---tract and tract and tract! I remember when I was a greenie, I was soooo excited to tract. That was always my first idea of a backup plan. I just thought it was so exciting to knock on people's doors...I don't think I realized that sometimes people aren't very nice when you knock on their doors. Haha! A few times when we tracted this week, Syster Stetler would turn around and be like "Oh my gosh, I can't believe how rude they were..." while I am just sauntering off to the next door without noticing a thing. I have turned off all sensitivity filters since I have been in Sweden. Haha!  Ya do what ya gotta do ;)

We also met with a lot of less actives and new converts this week. One is named Asefa, and he was baptized in August. He is from Ethiopia, and he is the BEST. We showed him the He is the Gift video and he got so excited. He just went off about his testimony of Jesus Christ, and how grateful he is to have knowledge about Him...It made me realized how grateful I am for Jesus Christ too. I am a little sad that it took me moving another country to realize how big of a role He plays in my life. Just so you all know, Jesus Christ died for each and every one of you. Do you realize how amazing that is!? Someone loves you enough to sacrifice EVERYTHING for you! You are so loved by your older Brother. :) I love this Christmas season because it reminds us of that every day!

We also had a cool breakthrough with one of our investigators, Henrik. He has really struggled to find a faith in God, so we have focused on the Spirit and how that feels so he can recognize it and feel God through it. The whole time we have been meeting with him (ever since I got to Luleå in October), he has insisted that he doesn't feel anything when he reads the Book of Mormon or prays or anything. We asked him about it again this week, and he said "I have a confession to make....I have felt the Spirit for a long long time." and we were so excited! He has just been nervous to act on what he has been feeling, because he smokes and drinks coffee, and it is a big life change, all that stuff....but progress!! Yay! We are doing our jobs right ;) I love when the Spirit teaches, instead of me. Lessons always go a lot better. :)

Sunday was my favorite. I think it is always my favorite! I always love church, and after we went to a member's house, and learned how to make falafel. Falafel is one of my favorite foods in Sweden... When we found out that was what we were having, Syster Stetler was like, "Oh awesome, Mod talks about that all the time!" Haha embarrassing but whatever. It is vegetarian and made of chick peas and deeelicious. Mmmm! I am so excited to make my family food when I get home. #swedishpancakes4lyfe

But yeah! This week I have just counted all of my blessings a lot. I love all of you and I am so grateful for my mission. Huge s/o to my cousin Ally, aka sister akmod in bulgaria, for finishing her mission next week! I have the most amazing examples in my life!! :)

This week's fun facts of Sweden:
-I am currently listening to a Jehovah's Witness trying to convert my companion. Hahah speaking of conversion, one of our investigators gave me my very own copy of the Quran (Muslim bible thing) in English. Hahah. Not exactly what I came all the way to Sweden for...
Erin with the Quran from an investigator.
-Lucia is this week on the 13th! It is a Swedish holiday. Everyone should look up pictures cause it's cool :) We are having a ward party that day and I am so excited!
-I don't know why I just thought of this...but there are literally 4 grocery store chains in all of Sweden. ICA, Coop, Willy's, and Lidl. Socialism = no Wal-Mart. :(

xoxox Syster Erin Modersitzki

Everyone puts these cute paper stars in their windows at Christmastime
Sunset at 1 p.m. at Luleå

This is what Luleå looks like at 3:15 IN THE AFTERNOON!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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