Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmastime in Sweden

Dear everyone,

MERRY CHRISTMAS IN 10 DAYS!! Woooo!!!!! I am beyond excited and my advent calendar/3 countdowns have just made me more excited. I love Christmas. Someone needs to watch The Grinch for me, because I don't think I will be able to this year... :)

I was sick on Tuesday, so we weren't able to do much outside. We had had district meeting earlier that day and got reindeer pizza after, so I wonder if it was karma for eating Santa's friends? Oops. (FYI, it tasted like game-y jerky on a pizza. I like moose better. #Norrland) I have never been so productive while sick, though. I think this is a sign that I am way too much of a missionary. I was so content cleaning up the ward list and area book for hours on end...Hahah. My life. I also got to go to bed at 9:45 last night. That's what normal 19 year olds do, right? Right!? :)
This is what reindeer pizza looks like. :)
After I finally got over being sick (it was not fun), we went out and went HARD.  Some of my favorite lessons this week:

-Meeting with the most darling less active named Rose-Marie. The only reason she doesn't come to church is because she is old and she forgets about it. Haha! She told us this week that she loves us coming, but she thinks the devil is taking over her head and asked us to pray for her....I decided I am just not going to get old. Hard pass. I love her though!

-Meeting with another 80 year old-ish less active who decided she was going to practice her English with us. I wish I was smart like Swedes are....

-Meeting with a potential investigator who showed us pictures of an igloo her family made. They decided to put a cross on top and have a priest dedicate it as a winter church. Haha everything goes in Swedish church! ;)

-We had another lesson with Henrik this week, and he set goals for quitting smoking and drinking coffee!! Woooooo!! He texted us earlier in the week and said he was in line to get a coffee, but heard our voices in his head telling him not to, so he left. Hahah!! I love it! I am someone's conscience now ;) He seems really determined to keep these goals, and I have been so impressed. Yay Word of Wisdom! :)

We are also delivering rice krispie treats to all of our neighbors, less actives, and old investigators. The treats are super American (aka super sugary) and Swedes don't really know what to do when someone gives them a nice treat for no reason other than to be nice. Haha! Their faces sometimes are just like, "Really? Are these poisoned? That is so nice! Why are you being nice?" :) It has been fun to take those around. :) We actually had a less active call us after and want to take us out for lunch because of it! Points for sugar!

Saturday was Lucia! We had a giant ward party and all of the Primary kids did a Lucia tåg (train) :) They all dress up and sing...I don't know how to describe it! It is just so cute! After the ward party, we drove up to Boden (where the elders live like 30 minutes away) to watch a real Lucia in a cathedral. We walked in as the Lucia performers were singing and walking....on their way out. Hahah. It was so cool though! In Lucia, they have a main girl dressed up as St. Lucia. She wears a red sash and a headpiece with real lighted candles, and leads the tåg. Everyone sings and holds candles behind her. Fun fact: it is common for people to faint after because they hold the candles right under their nose and just breathe in the smoke....scary!! I loved the tradition though. Everyone should look it up on YouTube when they have a spare second!

I LOVE SWEDEN! I love Luleå, I love my companion, I love this branch, I love Christmas, and I love all of you!! Thank you for all the sweet emails and love I get every week! You guys are the best!

xoxoxoxo Syster Modersitzki i Sverige

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