Monday, July 13, 2015


Eating danishes in Denmark!
Hiiiii everyone!!!

Oh it was such a good week! The weather has cooled back down to the 60s and I don't think it will get hot again....Yay Sweden for the fastest summer known to man ;) I wore my fall jacket on July 9th. LAME. Whatever. Everything is still green and pretty and that is all that matters. :)

On Monday, we had Family Home Evening with the Young Single Adults in the stake. A bunch of people come to Lund every Monday night to the institute center we have here to get together and hang out :) We listened to an RM who just got home from his mission in Utah talk all about it and I was in HEAVEN. It was so fun hearing about the place I love most! He told me about one area he had where he baptized every week...*Erin's jaw drops* like okay ZION. It's fine. You're killin' it. It was so fun though. We even chatted about Cafe Rio. Every time I hear the word Utah I feel like I mention Cafe Rio...the obsession is real? Haha!

We also got to teach Matilda on Monday, who I just love! She has been investigating the church for 2 years, and the only reason she isn't baptized is because her family does not approve. She has read the BoM, prays all the time, comes to every activity, never misses church, and even came to mission prep last Thursday. Haha! She is just perfect. Total dry Mormon. We feel like we shouldn't push her to baptism right now because of her family, but she could be baptized today if she wanted to. She could have been baptized last year apparently! She is so cute and I love her! We watched a Mormon Message together and by the end we were all crying...I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST. I love the sensitivity I have to it that I have developed on my mission. I know it is with me 100% of the time. Best feeling in the world.

Then I got to go on splits in Malmö with Syster Jacobs!! We were in Norrland at the same time, so I knew her a little (we lived like 7 hours apart, but still in the same zone. haha), but it was super fun getting to know her more. We had lots of fun exploring Malmö and I really have fallen in love with Skåne :)

Then we had a super good district meeting on the Book of Mormon! That is our focus this transfer, and we went through objections our investigators have had to the church and answered them with the Book of Mormon. I am so impressed with missionaries in this mission...We have one convert of 2ish years in our district who was pulling out these awesome scriptures that I have never noticed and I was really feeling the need to work on my scripture memorization...haha! I LOVE the Book of Mormon though. There is no better book in the world!

The Copenhagen temple. How lucky is this girl?
And we got to go to DENMARK to top the whole wonderful week off :) YAY TEMPLE! I am obsessed with the Copenhagen temple now. The inside is one of the prettiest I have ever seen....It just felt so GOOD to be there. Coming to the temple feels like coming home. We met a few families from Utah that were there too (haha, of course) and it could not have been a better day.

We were able to do some sightseeing after the session, and I fell in love with Copenhagen!! I'm not a fan of the Danish language....but everything else was great. Haha! #swedenforever but we saw the real Kristus (the one that has been redone and is at the Temple Square Visitors Center), the Little Mermaid statue, and a tonnnn of stuff. It was so fun. I think I need to get rich and tour Europe ASAP.... :) Daddy? ;)

It has just been a picture perfect week! I have loved every second :) The work is going sooooo well right now. Elin is doing awesome and finished 2 Nephi. She is a beast. And B and I are still loving each other! Life is good :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a good week!!
xoxoxox Syster Mod
 At the Copenhagen temple

Getting to see the original Kristus in Denmark.

This is a garden they walked through for a RS activity.
Taking groceries home on the bus.
Erin said that she's obsessed with citron peppar (lemon pepper). She puts it on everything!
These next few pictures are of Denmark.

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