Monday, July 20, 2015

Because I'm Happy

Just cutting down a tree with a handsaw! No big deal.
Helloooo everyone!!

Life is just so good in this cute little country :) Beckstrom and I are still doing awesome! I feel like I could stay with her the rest of my mission and be completely content. Life is just happy :)

We taught Matilda again this week and it was so good! We talked about the temple, and when we asked her what she knew about it, she said "Not much at all. I just know I want to go there!". She is just the real deal people. She gets it. :) We want to take her to the temple soon just so she can feel the Spirit there and be happy and maybe make a goal towards baptism! I LOVE how it feels in the temple. Even in the waiting room. It just feels different, and it feels good.

We had such a good zone training on Tuesday! President and Syster Beckstrand came down, and we had a training on the Book of Mormon. The first half was a lot of what we learned at MLC, and it was way nice to get a refresher. I have loved the focus this transfer. The second half of the training was like the funnest thing I have ever done. We had a "family home evening" with the Beckstrands, complete with the treat at the end. That was President's favorite part. Haha! The whole zone sat in a circle and went around and said one thing about themselves, and then we had a little Q&A with the Beckstrands and got to know them better. Syster Beckstrand is the funniest storyteller in the world....oh it was so fun! Haha! We heard the 20 minute long story about how they met and it was so funny watching all of the elders just eat it up....I love this mission!! I love everyone that is here and I love the Beckstrands and I feel so happy. Life is good when you are with your fam :)

In front of the Turning Torso in Malmö
We did so much service this week...oh my goodness. Cleaning a lady's house and sneezing like nobody's business because she has a cat and the hair only gets cleaned up when we's chill. Always here to help. ;) BECKSTROM AND I CUT DOWN A TREE WITH A HANDSAW. I have never had so much fun in my whole life. Hahaha! The elders were way impressed with us and the member that we were doing it for was just laughing at us. Sweat, splinters, and tears people. Go hard or go home. <3

We taught the coolest member named Szilvia this week. She fed us falafel, so she was automatically my favorite. She is originally from Hungary, but has lived in Sweden for who knows how long. She went on her mission to Temple Square, and she just loves the sisters. And we love her!! She is so cute. She has a lot of really cool life experiences, not to mention her pictures with President Hinckley on the wall...Temple Square. I'm telling ya. It's the promised land. Haha I really love every member I have met here. Wards are fun. There are so many people to actually meet! :)

Cutest little town called Hjärup. It looks like a movie set.
Swedish fun facts:
-Elders don't get asked out. Sisters do. We don't know why. Haha Beckstrom and I had an investigator come to church and ask us to come running on the beach with him sometime, so we made a quick exit....hahaha.
-We are given like 1800 swedish crowns every month for food, but we ALWAYS run may be the fact that we eat ice cream every day? Hahaha! It's been a rough transfer for the healthy eating thing okay? We've forgotten the 6 months to sexy thing...maybe 3 months to thin? starting next week? Haha
-smörgåstorte=something way gross that everyone has at birthday parties. It's mayo and fish and shrimp and roast beef and tuna....AWFUL. But it looks pretty. Beckstrom and I went to a party this week where that was there and got Burger King after the party because we couldn't stomach it. Haha!

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a good week!!
xoxoxox Mod
The Lund missionaries.   
The bridge in the background goes from Sweden to Denmark.

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