Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, we didn't realize the library closed early on Saturdays, so this one might be a short one...Oops. My bad. Haha! (PS: #luleåproblems--having to pay for internet access. Whose idea was this.)

It has been a big week!! On Tuesday, we got a call from President Beckstrand, telling me that I will be TRAINING! My very own greenie :) I will pick her up on Wednesday next week, and we will be heading to Luleå! I am all sorts of nervous and excited, but it is going to be super fun to give someone their first taste of Sweden :) I will get to show her all of the good food, and help her learn the language.....ahhh. Weird. I feel like I was just barely a greenie myself!! Syster Bolton will be transferring to Jönköping, in the south. Even though I am sad to see her go, I know what's next will be great! Especially up here in Norrland! It is magic up here :)

Yesterday, we drove for an hour and a half to visit less actives around the Finland border, in a city called Haparanda. I absolutely loved doing that. A lot of people here in Sweden don't have cars, so it is difficult for them to travel far distances. These less actives can't come to church just because they can't get there! We met with one man named Stig, who was so excited to see us and read out of the Book of Mormon. We asked him about his favorite chapter, and he immediately said "when Christ comes to the Americas". We read a little out of that, and he was so happy. Right there in that moment, I honestly felt like I was making a difference in someone's life. That is what a mission is all about! That is the happiness that comes! :) Anyway, I wanted them to be able to come to church, so we called around and found out that there was a church 30 minutes away in Kemi, Finland. I called President Beckstrand to see if the missionaries living in Kemi could come visit our less actives in Haparanda, and he said he would try to work something out. My setting apart blessing talks about how I am going to open doors in the gospel that haven't been open before, and I think this experience was one of the ways. :) It was so cool to be there and see all of them though! Some things here in Sweden make you appreciate all of the churches in Utah a little bit more. ;)

Well I love being a missionary!! I love being here! I am so excited to see what is next for me, and to meet my greenie, and to become a mom (mission lingo--your trainer is your mom/dad) ;) And Thanksgiving is this coming week!! Woooo! While you are all eating your great dinners and being grateful, remember the cute missionaries around the world who are eating the stuffing out of the box that their moms sent them ;) (S/O to my mom for being the best and sending me Thanksgiving dinner stuff!!!) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Have a good week :)

xoxoxoxox Erin

Walking on the frozen ocean!

More pictures of the frozen ocean! It's soooo pretty!

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